Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Larwyn's Linx: Obama's hatred of Israel will rebound

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Obama's hatred of Israel will rebound: Karin McQuillan
At Pearl Harbor, Obama Twists History to Sell Agenda: Walter Hudson
Whatever happened to leaving office gracefully?: BPR

Pennsylvania Dems Sen. Casey and Gov. Wolf face re-election peril: Salena Zito
Obama: Clinton “Performed Wonderfully,” Was Mistreated by Media: Don Irvine
Confirmation Bias: Shot in the Dark

Obama 'Might Just Weigh In' On Issues During Trump Presidency: DC
Gun-Controlled Chicago Fast-Approaching 800 Homicides for 2016: AWR Hawkins
Trump Would Have Beaten Delusional Obama: Daniel John Sobieski


Congress Moving to Cut U.S. Funding to U.N. in Wake of Anti-Israel Vote: Adam Kredo
A clue into how Trump could try to change American business: Danielle Paquette

Scandal Central

John Kerry Plans Middle East Peace Speech Or Something: RWN
Transcripts Show Obama White House Colluding with Palestinians on UN Resolution: Tower
Biden Denies Lobbying Foreign Leaders to Back Anti-Israel U.N. Resolution: Adam Kredo

Climate, Energy & Regulations

Abolish the Department of Energy: Peter Grossman
Excellent News: The Triumph Of Climate Denial In The Age Of Trump: RWN


How Analytical Models Failed Clinton: Charlie Cook
Seven times the media compared Trump to Hitler: Eddie Scarry
Feds to counter ‘fake news’ with stunning propaganda plan: WND


Israel’s right to build homes is already settled… under international law: Daniel Horowitz
Lt. Col. Ralph Peters Sums Up Obama’s Mid-East Policy: ‘Praise Islam, Ignore Christians, Blame Jews’: TR
Russia: Obama signed defense bill to create problems for Trump: Rebecca Kheel

Team Obama is not done slamming Israel: Jonathan Schanzer
15 "Useful Infidels" Who Enable Islamists: MEF
The Time for 'Strategic Patience' Is Over. Donald Trump Must Confront North Korea: NatlInt

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Police seek Amazon Echo data in murder case: Billy Steele
A wolverine inspired material: Self-healing, transparent, highly stretchable material: Sean Nealon
Mystery of 'Alien Megastructure' Star Testing Astronomers' Creativity: Mike Wall


Baby Bust: U.S. population growth crashes to 80-year low: Paul Bedard
Can Aging be Prevented by Nanotechnology?: Ryan Young
Biological weapons of mass destruction 'could wipe out a fifth of world's population': DailyMail

Image: Israel’s right to build homes is already settled… under international law
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QOTD: "The literal wording of the U.N. resolution would push Israel to its 1949 armistice lines, which are militarily indefensible, and end Israel's viability. It would expel Israelis, and all Jews, out of ancient Jerusalem and their holiest site, the Western Wall, and lead to the expulsion of 600,000 Israelis from their land and homes. It will never happen, but Obama is inviting international courts and the anti-Israel EU to sanction and boycott Israel. In today's toxic world of leftist judicial activism, that [will] happen." --Karin McQuillan

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Anonymous said...

it was the MSM that buried the Rev. G D Wright and told us it had nothing to do with Barry but we find 8 years later that it had everything to do with him. No surprises, just recriminations now. Let's talk about how Me Gyn is getting fat.