Sunday, December 25, 2016

Larwyn's Linx: The Long Road To Christmas 2016…

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The Long Road To Christmas 2016…: Treehouse
It’s Official: Obama Is Way Worse Than Jimmy Carter: Steven Hayward
Ted Cruz: No US funding for UN until Israel vote 'reversed': Daniel Chaitin

High security in cities across U.S. as jihad killers target Christmas: Robert Spencer
Obama Joins the Jackals: Adam Kredo
Hillary’s Delusion: ‘I’m Going to Run Again in 2020’: Edward Klein

Michelle Obama's "Hopelessness": RWN
White House warns Trump, 'only one president at a time': Paul Bedard
Hillary Donors Freak Out: Matthew Vadum

A More American Conservatism: Larry P. Arrnn
A Problem From Hell, Indeed: New York Sun
First They Came For The Homophobes: Robert Oscar Lopez

Scandal Central

Obama's 'Midnight Regulation Express': Rick Moran
Nevada: 152 Years and Counting for Feds to Honor Promise: Ashley Johnson
Grandma Got Run Over by Obama: SSA Finalizes New Gun Prohibition Rule: ILA


Facebook’s secret rules of deletion: SZ International
Media open a skeptical eye after 8-year sleep: Exam
Europe: ISIS 'Fighter' Crosses Borders, Nobody Interferes: PJM

Fake News Engineers Consent For Terrorism: Mark Taliano
Ivanka hecklers get blasted online after outburst: Post
Talk Radio Thriving as Rush Signs New Contract That Shows His Dominance: Jeffrey Lord


Is Obama trying to convince us he's a Muslim?: Ed Straker
After UN veto, Kerry suggests Israel's West Bank foray spawning 'terrorism': Fox
Obscenity personified: Obama lies, stabs Israel in the back, wishes Jews a Happy Chanuka: Matzav

UNSCR 2334 on Israeli Settlements: Elena Chachko
Tunisia Arrests 18-Year-Old Nephew of Berlin Killer Anis Amri: PJM
The U.S. Navy’s Next Hawkeye Plane Can Detect Stealth Fighters: War is Boring

Why Obama Has Hurt the Palestinian People Far More Than Israel: Roger L. Simon
German parents who’s son is a victim of Merkel’s immigration policies (WARNING: Heartbreaking): Vlad Tepes
Anarcho-Tyranny—Where Multiculturalism Leads: Sam Francis (2004)

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Gab.Ai: Where the Front Lines of the Battle for Freedom Are: Captain Capitalism
Naples’ sleeping volcano might be waking up: ArsTechnica
A We-Vibe lawsuit is starting a conversation about sex toy data collection: Wareable


Merry Christmas 2016: MOTUS
Jesse James: American Master Gunsmith: Daley Gator
Christmas Eve from Lunar Orbit, 1968. We Were Great Then. Time to Be Great Again.: AmDigest

Image: President Trump's Cabinet gets a good review
Sponsored by: Senate Conservatives Fund

QOTD: "Barack Obama isn’t known for humility, though rarely has his lack of grace been more on display than in his final hours in office. The nation rejected his agenda. The president’s response? To shove more of that agenda down the nation’s gullet....

...Since the election Mr. Obama has broken with all precedent by issuing rules that would be astonishing at any moment and are downright obnoxious at this point. This past week we learned of several sweeping new rules from the Interior Department and the Environmental Protection Agency, including regs on methane on public lands (cost: $2.4 billion); a new anti-coal rule related to streams ($1.2 billion) and renewable fuel standards ($1.5 billion).

This follows Mr. Obama’s extraordinary announcement that he will invoke a dusty old law to place nearly all of the Arctic Ocean, and much of the Atlantic Ocean, off limits to oil or gas drilling. This follows his highly politicized move to shut down the Dakota Access pipeline in North Dakota. And it comes amid reports the administration is rushing to implement last-minute rules on commodities speculation, immigrant workers and for-profit colleges—among others." --Kimberley A. Strassel

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