Monday, December 19, 2016

THE OBAMA LEGACY: Best Post-Election Graphic Yet

Philip Bump at The Washington Post accurately captions it "The decimation of the Democratic Party, visualized."

As Dave Blount observes, "In 2008, the Democrat Party abandoned the last vestiges of moderation and threw itself behind the very personification of moonbattery, Barack Hussein Obama."

While Democrats have thus far blamed James Comey, Julian Assange, Russian hackers, Fake News, and (presumably) George W. Bush for their crushing losses, there's a much simpler explanation.

They nominated a thoroughly unlikeable, villainous harridan who pushed the party even further to the left thanks to the honorary President of Venezuela, Bernie Sanders, and President "I've Got a Pen and a Phone" Davis.

And while Democrats point to a popular vote victory for Hillary Clinton, that notion is also bogus:

Let's stipulate that California -- even ignoring its massive population of illegal aliens -- accounted for Hillary's popular vote "victory".

But let's subtract out a few items from her popular vote total:

• There's evidence of systematic Democrat vote fraud all over the country.

• There are also reputable estimates that millions of illegal aliens voted for Hillary Clinton in 2016.

• And Democrat efforts to undermine voter ID requirements, extend early voting periods, and make absentee ballots easier to obtain and forge have all contributed to the scam.

Subtract all of that Democrat criminality and it's clear that Trump won the popular vote --- and the electoral college -- by a veritable landslide.

The evisceration of the Democrat Party is Obama's real legacy. And no one tell Paul Krugman. He's suffering from a bad case of walking butthurt.

Hat tip: BadBlue Real-Time News.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad that Trump trounced Killary's derriere. But, make no mistake, this will be war for the next eight years. The Communist/Marxist/Socialist party will never take this lying down or graciously. Their motto is "the ends justifies the means" and "the ends" to them, is winning. They, along with their propaganda media, and RINO co-conspirators, will do everything and anything to regain "control" over America and the America people. They are still encouraging illegals to flood our borders for future Democrat votes and the globalists and George Soros will never stop in his quest for the New World Order, along with his "loyalists". Conservatives will have to be vigilant, down and dirtier and push back, in their face, NEVER cave and for God's sake, not let the Democrats and their propaganda media control the narrative. The propaganda media should be avoided at all costs and RINOs and Democrats needs to be voted out, recalled or somehow REMOVED. This election did one thing - it saved America FOR THE TIME BEING, but is also declared war on conservatism and traditional America herself. There can be no relent by conservatives. If our enemies poke us in the eye, we need to poke back harder. Rule of Law must be followed. Border security must be enforced and illegals and so-called "refugees", along with all Muslim/Islamist factions that are a danger to our society - must all be deported and banished from our country. NO MORE MR. NICE GUY. I repeat - THIS IS WAR. A cold war and a war of ideologies where the traditional, conservative way of life must prevail. We had better start paying attention and not let our guard down for one nano-second. We must play to win and replace all judges who legislate from the bench. We need to restore checks and balances and give power back to the states. And, more than anything, we need term limits.

Martin said...

The panoply of leftist America is in the throes of TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome) and the antics have only just begun. Got a good supply of earplugs? You'll need them.

Even Bezos' enormous concerns, the Post Amazon, are in a self-induced frenzy.

And make no mistake - if Killary et. al had succeeded, they would be in your face with a triumphalism the like of which has never been seen, albeit made famous by Obama, the original 'knockout game' then stand over you gloating thug hero of Leftists everywhere. Eventually, they would resume their destructive agenda, and proceed with their petulant, spiteful governance as if nothing had happened. Remember that Democrats don't lose elections; they merely on occasion fail to be declared the winner.

Rush has been correct for all these years: you don't compromise with that, you defeat it. They may be down, but they aren't dead, yet. Nor has their invective run it's course. There are still degrees of nasty unexplored. Brace yourselves.

As delicious and long-awaited as it is, the acrimony will be equally poignant, as is the potential for even more damage, both in the last days, and within the bubble where Krugman and Company still hold sway.

Let 'em twist in the wind. They like it.

jay said...

Martin: Yes. If you think the hatred and vitriol against Trump now is over the top, just wait until he actually takes office. For the next four years, the media will be filled with stories about how evil Trump is. Everything that goes wrong will be blamed on Trump. If there's a terrorist attack anywhere in the world, it will be, "Trumps so-called plan to combat terrorism has failed." Whatever Trump does on health care, we'll see stories on the news about how someone died of cancer, with his grieving wife saying, "Trump killed my husband". Etc.

Anonymous said...

no voter fraud in California with their massive illegal population. Hillary did indeed get close to 3 million more votes. Your argument is invalid

Teapartydoc said...

Hahahahaha....Good one!
Let illegals vote multiple times abetted by the authorities. Of course it's not illegal if they are allowed to by those in charge. In order to be fraud it has to be illegal.