Friday, December 23, 2016

Larwyn's Linx: Good Riddance: A Final Upside-down Salute to Barack Obama

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Good Riddance: A Final Upside-down Salute to Barack Obama: NEO
Muslim U. of Maryland students demand prayer rooms in every major building: DailyMail
My Line: Christian Mercenary

'Legacy': 10 Ways Barack Obama Broke the American System: Joel B. Pollak
Top 5 Facts That Gun Deniers Hate: Jeff Dunetz
System that produced German terror thrives in U.S.: Leo Hohmann

Trump’s Team: Who’s who in president-elect’s Cabinet, White House: Fox
Military Helicopters Over Midtown Were Training to Lift POTUS Out of NYC: NBC-NY
Gay Lawyer Harrasses Ivanka On JetBlue Flight, Secret Service ‘Intervene’: RWN

Obama Moves To Thwart Trump On Terror Fight: Robert Gehl
Man who interrogated 9/11 mastermind has warning for US: Fox
Report: Obama Aims to Cut Gitmo Population to 42 by End of Tenure: Breitbart


School cancels play following complaints about famous line: Christina Butler
White Working People Voted Against Themselves Or Something: RWN
Report: Illegals taking 'middle or high skill jobs,' over 500,000 since 2009: Paul Bedard

Scandal Central

Obama Scraps Tracking System for Migrants from Muslim Countries: Breitbart
Hateful Far Left Gay Couple Stalks Ivanka Trump at JFK – Chased Her Down Terminal: GWP
Obama Has Given 657 Commutations To Cocaine Dealers Since August: DC

Luis Gutierrez Paid Wife Over $100K From 2016 Campaign Funds: Joe Schoffstall

Climate, Energy & Regulations

Can Trump Undo Obama's Last-Minute, Job-Killing Regulations?: IBD
WaPo: Electoral College Thwarts Our Ability… To Fight ‘Global Warming’: Shifra
Everybody Panic: ‘Climate Change’ Is Going To Destroy Your Christmas Favorites: RWN


The Letter The NYT Refused To Print: Chuck Durant
Democrats plan rival concert to Donald Trump inauguration in Miami: DailyMail
Foxes Guard Facebook Henhouse: NEO

Delta: YouTube Prankster Was Actually Shouting, Disruptive: LawNewz
The Mormon Tabernacle Choir to Sing at the U.S. Presidential Inauguration: MTC
While Some Singers Dodge the Trump Inauguration, Country Music Is Really Stepping Up: IJR


Media and Professional Left Begin Rewriting Obama’s Mid-East History: Treehouse
This Female IDF Soldier Fought Off 23 Terrorists in Surprise Attack: Tribunist
Fantasy Islam: Dr. Stephen M. Kirby

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

What Happens When Tech Takes Control of Evolution?: Raya Bidshahri
Scientists reverse ageing in mammals and predict human trials within 10 years: Telegraph
We will soon be able to read minds and share our thoughts: Jessica Hamzelou


Analysis: TRUE. Snopes Founder Allegedly Embezzled Spent Money On Prostitutes: DC
Stop Whining and Get Your Tux Pressed: MOTUS
LogRhythm predicts the internet will shut down for 24 hours in 2017 : Insider

Image: This Female IDF Soldier Fought Off 23 Terrorists in Surprise Attack
Sponsored by: Senate Conservatives Fund

QOTD: "A fifth-grade play that has been a December tradition for 40-plus years is not happening this year, and many parents believe it is because two parents complained about a line.

Centerville Elementary School students perform “A Christmas Carol” each year. This year, though, the students will not bring the Charles Dickens classic to the stage.

It began when the school received complaints about the line “God bless us, every one.”

“I was very surprised because it’s been going on for decades and it’s a tradition at the school that everybody looks forward to,” said Jane Burkhart, who knows children at the school." --Christina Butler

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Anonymous said...

So how was it losing the last 8 years of your life? BHO decried W's spending but turned around and spent every penny of our inheritance. If he had done NOTHING, we would have recovered and been financially better off, but no, he swept the Hut and walks off with his nickel into the sunset. Good riddance indeed, there's not a soul who would look at his record and consider him employable unless they were homeless, gypsies, or grifters.