Saturday, December 24, 2016

Larwyn's Linx: Obama Kicks Israel on His Way Out the Door

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Obama Kicks Israel on His Way Out the Door: Jon Gabriel
Obama’s Betrayal: Jonathan S. Tobin
Ted Cruz backs defunding U.N. in scathing statement against Obama’s betrayal: Scoop

Phoenix: Muslim arrested, plotted jihad massacre at midnight Mass: Robert Spencer
Trump: Berlin Attack A "Purely Religious Threat": RWN
Keith Ellison Cancels Radical Islam Speech: DC

Feds Warn About ISIS List of Churches to Attack on Christmas: PJM
The Season of Living Dangerously: Lloyd Billingsley
Bitter Clintons consider staying away from Trump inauguration: DailyMail

Obama's Hatred Of The West Continues Apace: Ace
Which Are the Real “Illiberal Democracies”?: Jeremy Cooper
Democrats' Latest Plan to Destroy the Electoral College: RWN

Scandal Central

Report: Obama Secretly Worked With Palestinians on ‘Shameful’ UN Resolution: Breitbart
Undercover: Chicago Democratic Election Judges Pretend to be GOP Judges: Veritas
Tacoma Cheesecake Factory Kicks Out Armed Cops: MB

Climate, Energy & Regulations

EPA steamrolls auto industry to rush out new regs: Exam
Apocalyptic wall of icy fog above Lake Superior is the beginning...: DailyMail
‘Climate Change’ Will Ruin White Christmas’ In The Future Or Something: RWN


A Field Guide to White Supremacists: Ace
Krauthammer: Obama Ends His 8 Years By ‘Stabbing Israel in the Back’: Josh Feldman
Kellyanne destroys Nutjob Madcow In Her Most Incredible Interview Yet: Lookout


Obama Said to Break With Decades of U.S. Policy to Declare Western Wall 'Occupied Territory' at the UN: Tablet
Eight possible Trump responses to the UN Israel vote: Exam
Bolton sounds off on the settlement resolution : Israpundit

Merry Christmas from Israel´s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu: American Digest
You’ve Come a Long Way, Baby!: GoV
London to be protected from terror attack by new £5m ‘ring of steel’ built around the City: TheSun

Europe’s Bloody Future: The Z Man
Obama to Release 18 More Jihadis From Gitmo: Creeping
Belgium: Nativity scene removed over fears it will offend town’s four Muslims: Creeping

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

7 Ancient Stonehenge-like monuments you probably never heard about: Ancient Code
The Next Generation of Terror: Swarming, Flying Bomb Robots: NatlInt
Uber Shrugged: Company Flees California for Red State to Test New Tech: Ricochet


Canada Says Only 28 Americans Have Applied for Trump-Related Refugee Status: Heat Street
Is That Christmas Palm Tree Swaying Or Is It Just Woozy With Grief?: MOTUS
All I Want For Christmas is MUH GAINZZZ: Ace

Image: More What? Oh, Yeah… More Winning! Lockheed CEO Pledges To “Aggressively” Save Taxpayer Money
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