Friday, December 09, 2016

Larwyn's Linx: The collapse of the political Left; Illegal Alien Deported 8 Times Kills Two Women

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The collapse of the political Left: Michael Barone
Illegal Alien Deported 8 Times Kills Two Women: DC
Contrarian: GOP

2018 Senate: The Democrats Are Very Exposed: Sabato
Donald Trump to Meet With Victims of Ohio State Attack: Natalie Johnson
Customs and Border chief: Migrant surge not letting up: Star-Telegram

Fake News Is Unreal: Gavin McInnes
Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania Recounts: Dec. 8 Update: Heavy
Paul Ryan's ACA replacement plan: ProducersWeb

Bill Signed by Obama Actually Gives Trump Authority to Build Wall: RWN
Valerie Jarrett: Trump's Victory Was "Soul-Crushing": Ace
Kellyanne Smacks Hillary Back: Biggest “fake news” was that Trump wouldn’t win: RWN


We're Number 25!: Stuart Schneiderman
Have the academic humanities committed suicide?: Maggie's Farm
From Dishwasher to Franchise Owner—and Regulation Target: Amir Siddiqi (2015)

Scandal Central

Another DC Mastermind: Durbin's debit debacle: Eric Peters
Reid calls McConnell 'my friend' in farewell speech: Susan Crabtree
Wells Fargo successfully convincing judges that forged arbitration agreements are legally binding: Boing Boing

Climate, Energy & Regulations

Mass AG Really Doesn’t Want To Be Questioned On Her Climate Change Fascism: RWN
Trump's EPA Pick Spooks Liberals and the Environmental Lobby: Fred Barnes


Fake News: Credibility Is Not A Boomerang: Christian Mercenary
Time has the Sadz: Trump named Time's 'Person of the Year': Eddie Scarry
Time praised Obama, trashed Trump in 'Person of the Year' profile: Eddie Scarry

The Chickens Have Come Home To Roost: MOTUS
Navy Admiral’s Pearl Harbor Speech: These Men Never Would Have Taken A Knee To National Anthem: WZ
Liberal CNN Sued by Current and Former Black Employees for Racial Discrimination: JWF


Israel Is the Last Hope for Christians in the Middle East: Bradley Martin
Revealed: Tens of Millions Lavished on Hidden Costs of Immigration Industry: Breitbart
Chancellor Merkel: Germans Need to Learn to Integrate With the Immigrants: GoV

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Little Crappy Stories of Little Crappy Ships: WeaponsMan
Deep Freeze: The Air Force's Vital Mission in Antarctica: Military
Bizarre theory claims an alien base hidden in Antarctic in a huge triangular structure: DailyMail


Pizzagate XI: Herschel Smith
Greg Lake: King Crimson and ELP star dies aged 69: Mark Savage
Milo: "When I Announced I Was Speaking About Pizzagate... I Got Calls From D.C. Saying Not Yet": SHTFplan

Image: #NeverPuzder Trending Among Trump Supporters
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