Friday, December 30, 2016

Larwyn's Linx: Steadfast Sessions; After Trolling Obama, Russia Plans Retaliation Over Expulsions

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Steadfast Sessions: Chronicles
After Trolling Obama, Russia Plans Retaliation Over Expulsions: RWN
Trump blasts Obama 'roadblocks' as transfer of power turns increasingly hostile: Times

Trump Unloads on UN after Anti-Israel Vote: DailyMail
Trump to focus on ‘peace through strength’ over Obama’s ‘soft power’ approach: WaPo
Just in time for the election, the Times weighs in on the border: NYT

Oops. Bloomberg’s $20M gun control bid in Nevada has fallen apart: Jazz Shaw
Obama Fast-Tracking Refugee Dumps into Poor Christian Communities: BNI
Thank Your Local "Extremist": Garbage trucks will strategically line Times Square: NYDN

Kerry Berates Israel While Ignoring Primary Peace Barrier: Jeff Dunetz
Mounting evidence of administration dishonesty over U.N. resolution: Paul Mirengoff
The Cost of Obama: Ben Crystal


The Facade Is Gone: Christian Mercenary
No Longer Selling Access, the Clinton Foundation Begs for Funds: Andrew Stiles
Obama's Hawaii vacation pushes cost of first family's travel past $96 million: DailyMail

Scandal Central

Top-secret meeting between Kerry/Rice and Erekat much worse than reported: Elder
President Obama Releases Ridiculous FBI Report on “Russian Malicious Cyber Activity”: Treehouse
Obama ignores evidence Russia didn’t hack DNC, Podesta: WND

Climate, Energy & Regulations

Dem attorneys general threaten lawsuits if Trump repeals climate plan: Exam


A message to the women's columnist who says she's "terrifed of raising a boy in Trump's America": Althouse
Washington Post Preps for War on Trump by Hiring Dozens of New Fake News Reporters: DownTrend
Kerry's Bizarre Tongue: Mirror

The Problem with Self-Appointed Curators of Fake News: Sharyl Attkisson
Pizzagate XV: Herschel Smith
Oklahoma newspaper that endorsed Hillary still hasn’t recovered: RWN


2016 has been one of the greatest years ever for humanity: Spectator
DHS, FBI release joint report on Russian cyberactivity: Exam
Merkel’s Germany divided as terror spreads and attacks on refugees remain high: Express

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

The lie-detecting security kiosk of the future: Suzanne Finch
Florida Senator: No Permit Needed For Driverless Cars In Florida: Slashdot
This Playful Lab-in-a-Box Will Teach You How to Reprogram Life: SingularityHub

New Dead Sea Scrolls Fragments Found in Judean Desert: Philippe Bohstrom
Scientists edge closer to bringing back from the dead the fabled aurochs, giant wild cattle: Telegraph


2016’s Best Political Memes and Cartoons: GWP
DC Private Schools Giving Kellyanne Conway the Brush Off?: PageSix
Please Be Patient... Restore Operation Almost Complete...: Diogenes

Image: DC private schools giving Kellyanne Conway the brush-off
Sponsored by: Senate Conservatives Fund

QOTD: "Senator Sessions is a good man and a great man. He has done more to protect the jobs and enhance the wages of black workers than anyone in either house of Congress over the last 10 years. Of all the Senators and public officials that I’ve dealt with, I cannot think of anyone who has been more devoted to issues related to wages and employment levels of all Americans, but particularly black American workers. . . .

He is a man of tremendous integrity. I think it was an inspired pick. . . .

He’s going to be a marvelous Attorney General." --U.S. Civil Rights Commissioner Peter Kirsanow

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Look carefully at the picture of "Lonely Hillary" sitting at table in the upstate NY B&B. Outside the window in the woods I am sure I see Eric Braverman waving his arms.