Monday, December 19, 2016

Larwyn's Linx: Only a Counter-Coup Can Save American Democracy

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Only a Counter-Coup Can Save American Democracy: Paul Craig Roberts
John Brennan is completely unqualified to be Director of CIA: JihadWatch
A Spy Coup in America?: Robert Parry

Obama Appoints Cop Killer's Attorney to 6-Year Civil Rights Post: Debra Heine
Is Jerry Brown now President of California?: Leslie Eastman
Putin Didn't Hate Hillary, The Clinton Foundation Was Very Good To Him: Jeff Dunetz

Brilliant: Pete King Calls for Investigation of CIA Head John Brennan: Treehouse
GOP scraps plan to protect Ryan from coup: Exam
Bipartisan group of senators seeking panel on Russia hacking: Exam

Insiders: Electoral College won't block Trump: Steven Shepard
New York Is Super Proud To Be A Sanctuary City: RWN
How Republicans' frightening power play in North Carolina will go national: Ryan Cooper


After 8 Years of Obama Zero Interest Rates, Fed Promises Constant Hikes for Trump: Michael Snyder
People on food stamps spent $608 million of taxpayer money on... soda pop: RWN
No, Obamacare Repeal Isn’t a Tax Cut for the Rich: David Catron

Scandal Central

At present rate, almost 14,000 Syrians would enter US this fiscal year, 98% Muslim: Ann Corcoran
The One Fact Democrats Don’t Want Electors To Consider Today: Joe Cunningham
‘Woman in Gold’ lawyer got looted Nazi art, now wants Abedin, Weiner warrants: Menachem Rephun


WaPo Writes A “Where’s Waldo? Hillary Style” Story And Its Ludicrous: Nina Bookout
Lefty WaPo kook apparently wants Democrats to continue losing elections: Twitchy
Gun Control Thriller ‘Miss Sloane’ Has One of the Worst Opening Weekends Ever: Stephen Gutowski

How Women in Media Missed the Women’s Vote: Kay S. Hymowitz
John Podesta: FBI Didn’t Tell Him About Hack Until After Emails Leaked: David Bixenspan
Liberals attack 16-year-old who will sing at Trump’s Inauguration: Ryan Girdusky


Google’s new tech partner in Cuba blocks email accounts of the Ladies in White: Alberto de la Cruz
For What It's Worth: Mark Steyn
Iran Stages Massive War Drills In Show of ‘Supremacy’: Adam Kredo

Pentagon: China Threatened to Bankrupt Defense Contractor: Bill Gertz
"The Crescent Must be Above the Cross": Gatestone
It’s Not a War on Christmas; It’s a War on the Constitution: Peter Heck

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

How the Art of Medicine Became a Business in the 21st Century: Michael F. Weisberg
Uber defies California, keeps self-driving cars rolling: AFP
Why your next chatbot should be human-augmented, not AI-augmented: Rick Ramos


Vanden Brink: E.T.
No Chute: Some Crazy F'er
Obama Leaves Office In...: TickCounter

Image: Obama Appoints Cop Killer's Attorney to 6-Year Civil Rights Post
Sponsored by: Senate Conservatives Fund

QOTD: "The degree to which a political party leans libertarian is proportional to the number of years since the party last held the White House." --Orin Kerr (2013)

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Anonymous said...

The problem with Government employment is that in order to finish their race they want your soul as well. That America's spy agencies are so bold means only that this one is for keeps, it's how the devil works. May Mr. T make it cost them their livelihoods, it's hardball time.
"Look at what they made you give".