Thursday, May 10, 2012

Flame on! Another day, another electric car explosion

And, yes, it was another electric car built in a foreign country with your tax dollars. Or money borrowed from the Chinese, I'm not sure which.

Another stimulus-funded electric car is dealing with spontaneous combustion problems. A Texas driver’s brand new $100,000 luxury Fisker Karma burst into flames and nearly took his house down with it.

...The Karma is not the only electric car that has a habit of going up in smoke. GM suspended productions of the $40,000 Chevy Volt after low demand and several car fires caused a scandal for the automaker. A recent run of electric vehicle fires has put firefighters on alert and departments have had to provide special training to avoid electrocution.

...Fisker acquired a $529 million taxpayer-funded loan with the help of Democratic law firms to build the car, but has struggled in recent months, laying off employees and shuttering factories.

First responders have to be extra-cautious with electric vehicles because, and I quote, "High-voltage batteries that operate the vehicle systems carry enough juice to kill or severely injure a rescuer who incorrectly cuts a cable."

Good work, Democrats!

Hat tip: BadBlue News.


Anonymous said...

Classic Karma!

Anonymous said...

Wow, you are really lost and confused. Since you can't get any of the facts correct I recommend you just watch sitcoms and try not to bother lost.