Tuesday, May 19, 2015

10 Startling Charts That Completely Debunk the Global Warming Scam

It's amazing to me that, post-Climategate, anyone with more than three working neurons could believe in the legitimacy of the United Nations' global warming bunko scam.

Over at the world's most popular climate site, our favorite peer Christopher Monckton of Brenchley fires a massive salvo of data, charts and explanations that crush the progressives' latest attempt to regulate capitalism. My favorite charts are as follows:

10. 2000 Years of... Consistent Climate Cycles

9. Only 3.5º Centigrade Variation over... 810,000 Years

8. No Global Warming Whatsoever in the Last 18 Years

7. Exaggerating the Vertical Axis for Shock Effect

6. No Change in Ice Cover Over the Last Half-Century

5. Hide the Decline: Sea Level Edition

4. How Often All-Time High Temperature Records are Set

3. Antarctic Sea Ice Extent at an All-Time High

2. Arctic Sea Ice Extent Shows No Perceptible Loss

1. Not 97%... I'ts 0.3% of Scientists Who Agree That Man is Causing Warming

But, by all means, if you feel like enriching Al Gore, Jeff Immelt, Elon Musk, and the rest of the green energy crony capitalists, please go ahead and panic.

As for me, I'll panic when they stop flying willy-nilly all over the world in their private jets, and sell some of their 10,000-square foot mansions.

Related reading: The United Nations' Global Warming Bunko Scam. Hat tip: BadBlue News.


AmyBee said...

I think they should sell the ones on the beaches first...

SpidermanTUba said...

The author of this page clearly did not bother to actually read Ljunqvist (2010), where the first chart came from.

"Since AD 1990, though, average temperatures in the extratropical Northern Hemisphere exceed those of any other warm decades the last two millennia, even the peak of the
Medieval Warm Period, if we look at the instrumental temperature data spliced to the proxy reconstruction."

Ljunqvist (2010)

Why not? As the author of a blog don't you feel a duty to research the material you place on your blog, rather than taking the route of intellectual laziness?