Thursday, April 28, 2011

DHS Insider: White House Silencing Reports That Border Patrol Has Caught Iranians, Syrians and Yemenese on Mexico-Arizona Border

"Vinnie", a caller from Long Beach, California on last night's Mark Levin radio program, told a brief, chilling tale of border insecurity.

You need to get this out to the people. I became aware about OTMs [Other Than Mexicans] coming over the border.

I work for Homeland [Security] and in our prisons right now, we have, Iranians, Afghanis, Pakistanis, Yemenese, Syrians... and our Border Patrol has found... the drug cartels are going to smuggle terrorists and terrorist weapons across our porous borders... especially in Arizona [Ed: would that be the same Arizona that the Obama administration's Justice Department has sued for enforcing immigration law? Why, yes, it would be]...

...So, we need to secure the borders -- and I don't know why this administration has not done anything... previous administrations have not done anything... this is a major issue. We are going to be hit from within. It's not going to come from outside, it's going to come from within...

...The [American] people are in the dark. They don't know what's going on. We apprehended more than a quarter-of-a-million illegals last year. Hundreds -- hundreds -- of those were OTMs. So this is a big concern and we need to get this [news] out in the open.

Just over the border in the failed narco-terror state of Mexico, we've seen the following ominous developments:

Hezbollah-style car-bombs
Al-Qaeda-style beheadings
A mass grave with nearly 300 bodies in it, including children -- bludgeoned to death

And, lest we forget, Arizona is now the kidnapping capital of the U.S.

But rather than protect the border, the cynical Obama administration and its Democrat sycophants are suing states like Arizona for enforcing the nation's immigration laws.

Remember in 2012.


Doom said...

As I have it, they are not actually stopping illegals. In other words, for all we know, they are releasing even these. Even if I hear different from the admin, I want to hear from the officers. Well, actually, at this point, I am not sure what it would take for me to believe they are doing more than interviewing and releasing thes illegals.

Anonymous said...

Have to agree on for the most part that what DHS is saying is true. Farmers here in Arizona even 75 miles from the border are now wearing kevlar vests and some with military helmets. Reason: Ongoing shoot outs now between cartel smugglers trying to steal the booty from each other. One point though, the claim that Arizona is the kidnapping capital is no longer valid. The Phoenix PD has been fraudulently inflating statistics for a numbers for years in order to get federal grants. Jack Harris the "chief" recently resigned over it and more heads are going to roll.

AZ Granny said...

The Phoenix ABC affiliate gave a report on terrorists sneaking into AZ last June, 2010.

Since that time, officials have found prayer mats and a Koran left behind in the desert. There have been other items found as well.

Chandler, AZ, was the location of a drug cartel beheading within the last year. Chandler is not a border city, it's about 30 minutes southeast of Phoenix and several hours north of the Mexico border.

Obama and Napolitano say our border is secure. If so, then why did the federal government find it necessary May, 2010, to put warning signs in AZ national parks and along I-8, to caution us of violence, illegal aliens, drug smugglers, and human smugglers?

There have been five national parks in AZ with warnings and partial closures to US citizens, due to the illegal aliens and drug cartel violence. Just last month one park was closed completely.

If our borders are so secure, then why the closures and travel restrictions? Why should US citizens be prohibited from entering national parks because Obama doesn't want to secure the border and doesn't want to stop the violence?

Anonymous said...

Obama won't do anything about it because he wants the Hispanic vote. I know the illegals can't or at least shouldn't be able to vote. But the legal Hispanics will vote for them.

René O'Deay said...

Boggles the mind why. could it be, hoping for a little help with a 2012 'October Surprise'?

Anonymous said...

To see this is happening disgusts me. The United States will go down in history as the only country to be taken over without firing a single shot. How do we stop this. I live in Mass and it boils my blood. what can I do to help? If anyone would like to let me know my email is

Anonymous said...

Who cares? It seems no one does! I live in a sanctuary city (Santa Barbara) the ILLEGALS vote here. Elected officials don't care because most of them are hispanic! Even my Congresswoman, Lois Capps, says in a reply to me today, " I remain committed to work on these problems with my colleagues to find a humane solution that curbs illegal immigration and protects our borders, while respecting the long standing tradition of America as a nation of immigrants." For some insane reason this is how ALL (most) elected officials feel to not offend anyone. They don't have the balls to do what is right and will continue to make excuses for this insanity. This has gone on for 50 years... it's too late. Cal is already over 50% hispanic and the schools are about 75% hispanic... America as we once knew it is over... and Obama will kill her for good soon.

Michael Calder said...

I recently quit my job as a teacher in the Los Angeles Unified School District. 600,000 students and only 10 percent are caucasian. Most schools are 95 percent mexican. These student are for the most part undisciplined, disrespectful,vulgar and incredibly challenged intellectually. Just awful to be with and impossible to teach. LA is now a suuburb of tijuana and I wasn't surprised that it was mexican thugs who sent the anglo to the hospital at the Dodger vs. Giants game a week or so ago. I thought LAUSD dropouts. Look for a repeat of what has happened to LA throughout the country.

Anonymous said...

We need to push for English being the language of the country. Untill then the hispanic will force us to speak their lingo. When my ansisters imigrated they had to learn the lingo or no work. Now they don't have to speak the language because they will just get an interprater. Just think how many millions of dollars are spent making Licenses, state tests, schools , sinage in parking lots and other things including voters pamphlits in other languages. We could be saving all that money. No more classes in other languages in the schools. ENGLISH OR NOTHING then maybe they will LEAVE

Anonymous said...

Don't believe a word that comes out of Obama's Mouth....He wants the Hispanic Vote. and he'll do anything to Stroke them!