Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Larwyn's Linx: The Marxist in the Mirror

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The Marxist in the Mirror: Nice Deb
Supreme Court Allows Obamacare to Metastasize: AmSpec
New Black Panthers Target Jews and Tea Partiers: NewAm

Lee: Debt Ceiling Charade Must Come to an End: Cubachi
Heckler arrested at Allen West town hall: Shark
Rubio: Debt limit debate is perfect time to address issues: Cubachi

Obamacare Slams Economy and the American Dream: Foundry
Obama rails against oil subsidies; gave $3B to ACORN: JWF
Palin on a Deadly Combination for the Economy: C4P


Are food prices higher? The answer is “yes”!: Q&O
Inside Every Leftist Is a Little Tyrant Dying to Get Out: Cato
Illinois ranks dead last in funding worker pensions: ChiBiz

Obamaflation Arrives: AmSpec
WI Voters Who Signed Recall Harrassed by Dems: Lid
Fiscal Follies, or Fundamental Reform?: Sargen

Climate & Energy

Obama Finally Says ‘Drill Baby Drill’ (No, Not You America): Malkin
EPA Chief Lisa Jackson Admits They’re the Reason for Rising Gas Prices: WZ
Paradox: Green-Loving Washington State About to Penalize Electric Car Owners: RWN

As Oil Prices Rise, EPA Attempts to Shut Down Alaska Pipeline: RWN
Where's St. Al?: Power Line
President Obama: Desperate Seeking a 'Petro-Villain': RWN


Dear NPR: What’s so funny about death threats?: Malkin
Krauthammer: Common Sense And Sensibility: Riehl
High Treason Case Dropped at the DOJ: Betraying America Sanctioned by Obama Administration: Atlas

Paul Krugman: For entitlement reform before he was against it: Malkin
The Left's Problem With Trig: IMAO
Allen West: Not Just Yes, But Hell, Yes!: RSM

Shocking New Study: The New York Times Always Favors Democrats: BigJourn
Another life line for Death Row cop-killer Mumia abu Jamal: Malkin
Pat Buchanan: MSNBC, Media Helping Obama "Conceal" Records: RCP


PJM Exclusive: Stuxnet Has Completely Paralyzed Iran’s Bushehr Plant: PJM
WikiLeaks: The Iraq-Al Qaeda Connection Confirmed, Again: WklyStd
Latest French Fashion Craze: Defiled American Flags: WZ

NASA Over a Russian Barrel: PJM
Palin on Libya: What the Hell Are We Doing There?: Cubachi
UK is Bigger Fiscal Mess than Spain or Portugal: Mish


$30 million in wealth, created in 3 months, with one iPhone app: Althouse
How the iPad changes PC design: CNet
Nielsen: Consumer Desire For Android Grows, Unlike iOS And Blackberry: TechCrunch


Michelle Obama: Deconstructing TIME : MOTUS
Baseball’s Greatest Play, 35 Years Later: Malkin
Obama's Long-form Birth Certificate Opens Twitter Account: GWP

Chicago Dem Luis Gutierrez goes crazy demanding Obama use executive order to grant amnesty: FAM
George Soros' Home Address: Dollard
Washington Declares War on Texas!: Cube

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