Monday, April 25, 2011

Larwyn's Linx: MI Court Establishes ‘Blasphemy’-Free Zone for Religion

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MI Court Establishes ‘Blasphemy’-Free Zone for Religion: BigPeace
Barack Obama temporarily embarrassed at SF fundraiser: RedState
White House Correspondents' Dinner Celeb Guest List: Wire

Big government and the damage done: Pundette
Sarah Palin's Message on Easter: Cubachi
New Details Of 9/11 Conspirators Revealed By Wikileaks: Mediate

Obama assumes re-election: 'only 1/4 of the way through': York
Revoluationary Socialists Plan on Recruiting in Junior High: NR
Even U.S. can't afford defined benefit systems: Barone


Boomers And Their Children: Growing Up Fat And Spoiled: GM
Economist: Gas prices, food prices at ‘tipping point’: Tatler
Bankrupt Detroit Spends $1100 Per Chair in New Library Wing: RWN

Boeing lives and dies by big government: WashExam
Obama Blames Everyone Else on Oil and Food Prices: RWN
Gold Opens $1,520, Silver Over $50 Everywhere But Comex: ZH

Climate & Energy

Speculation: Power Line
Obama’s Blame of Speculators, Forming of Gas Task Force Misguided: Foundry
Two solutions for pain at the pump: No Sheeples


Hey, Media Matters! Fact Check This!: BigJourn
New York Times Punked Again: Patterico
TIME Does Not Know What ‘Influential’ Means with Top 100 Most Influential People: BigJourn

Surprise: Krugman Endorses Congressional Communist Progressive Caucus's Radical 'People's Budget': NB
Steve Wynn Calls Out Obama and His Media: BigJourn
Rapist to get $800,000 heart transplant: AT

Of Donald Trump & Barack Obama: GayPatriot
Why I Hate Political Correctness Easter Edition: RWN
NYT/CBS poll finds plurality supports Ryan's Medicare proposal: WashExam


War In Syria Next?: Walter Russell Mead
Dr. Assad Meet Dr. Mengele: Simon
Bangladesh: Islamic cleric threatens jihad if child marriage is banned: JihadWatch

Revisiting the Jordan option: Romirowsky
Goldstone's Gaza Report: Part One: A Failure of Intelligence: MERIA
Muslim model poses nude in Playboy, “I wanted to be free”: Creeping

AGAIN!!! Palestinians Shouted 'Allahu Akbar' As They Desecrated Joseph's Tomb With Murder and Fire : Lid
Another Passover Massacre: Power Line
PJM Exclusive: More Video from Syria’s ‘Great Friday Uprising’ (Content Warning): PJM

Pentagon Seeks Death Penalty for USS Cole Bomber: NoisyRoom
Gendercide: Sex-Selective Abortions In India Leads To A Shortage of Women: BigPeace
Boehner and the Foreign Policy Wedge: Commentary


Amazon’s $23,698,655.93 book about flies: Eisen
A GeekDad’s Daughter Reinvents Chess: Wired
Even With Tweaks, Taxing Internet Sales Is a Bad Idea: BigGovt


Christ the Lord is risen today: Malkin
Another Line Crossed: C&S
Inadvertent Humor: ConfYank

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