Sunday, April 10, 2011

Larwyn's Linx: Boehner's Bargain: Conservative Victory?

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Boehner's Bargain: Conservative Victory?: RSM
It's No Deal, It's a Sellout: Morris
A Good First Step; FY2012, Here We Come: Ace

The GOP did just fine: Lifson
Thomas Lifson Is Wrong On Boehner's Deal: Riehl
Budget: Tea Partiers Should Stop Whining and Learn Politics: RWN

Saturday Night Card Game: LegalIns
On the Budget Deal: Inadequate: Virtuous
The Aftermath: Booman


Fed subsidies equal $932 per abortion: Surber
Pathetic: Kimball
Actually, the budget cuts are enough: Tatler

Inside the biggest GAO scandal you never heard about: Exam
NLRB Hit with FOIA Requests over Google Ads: BigGovt
When Will Fed-Created Melt-Up Turn Into a Meltdown?: Minyan

Climate & Energy

EPA's days as 'rogue agency' are numbered: Tapscott
I Blame Global Warming: Coolest March since 1994: BlogProf
Climate “Scientists:” Did We Say Ice Free In 2013? We Meant 2016. Our Bad!: RWN


It is the House of the Great Contempt: Driscoll
The Right’s Missing Organizational Machinery: Stranahan
Mark Levin Talks Budget Deal: Cavuto

Is the president off his meds?: Surber
Here’s a quote that resonates with me today: RWN
Fundamental Transformation? Andy Stern Speaks Out Against Checks and Balances: Blaze

Not So Much in the News: Our 'Bizarro World Military Operation' in Libya: NB
Distracted President: I Only Play Golf So Much Because I'm Virtually a Prisoner In Service of You: Ace
Matthews dotes on Obama's 'winning', 'little boy smile': Breitbart


Egypt Failure Update: Riots in Tahrir Square: Ameristroika
Good News: Obama Regime Spending $20M in Taxpayer Money to Remake Sesame Street In Pakistan: WZ
'Islamophobia' hearings shaped by radical Palestinian: WND

61 Arrested At Paris Rally Against French Full-Face Veil Ban: WZ
Kickass Open Letter to the World: iOTW
One Million Israelis in Bomb Shelters as 75 Bombs Rain Down: Where is the Outrage?: Uncov

As Iran Goes Nuclear, U.S. Does Nothing: IBD
I Can Spend a Lifetime Trying To Figure Out Progressives: iOTW
President of Former Muslims United Tangles With Democrat Over Muslim Hate: WZ


In praise of failure: Wired
Flying quadrocopters herald rise of the machines : SMH
AT&T/T-Mobile merger to get Senate hearing: MacWorld


What if Moses had Facebook?: Aish
Obama Says...: DittoRush
Bureaucracy Is a State of Mind: MfrTech

Image: Sad Hill News ("Sad Hill News has 'Near Miss'")
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QOTD: "A caller to my Westwood One show said Nancy Pelosi... is a Bond villain who should be named 'Pelosi Galore'... Nancy Pelosi is thicker than a Charlie Sheen pre-nup. That woman is bats*** crazy -- I guarantee you that woman sleeps upside down." --Dennis Miller


Old Fan said...

Same old fashion, now without substance, the game is to cry "mouse" and "sellout".

When did so many of the fine Conservatives on the good side turn into such juveniles?

Same fools who once said, "lay down for Nancy Pelosi".

Delaware disaster reruns all over again - with cheap childish shots at those who are actually on the job fighting the good fight.

Really sad.

James said...


Thanks for linking to my video "Obama says" (which took an afternoon to edit together). I am grateful that my point was clear enough to be worthy of posting at the Doug Ross Journal.

Many Dittos!