Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Larwyn's Linx: Important Obama Campaign Message Scheduled for Wed.

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Important Obama Campaign Message Scheduled for Wed.: LegalIns
Hey Copper, I Didn't See Nothin' an' Nobody: LegalIns
Did GOP Lose First Round of Budget Battle?: PJM

As expected, 9th circuit declares AZ immigration law icky: Ace
MO: Dem AG breaks with party on Obamacare: Ace
Christians barred by NYPD from Muslim/ANSWER rally: RWN

Not One Mile of Border Secure, Texas Sheriff Says: CNS
Allen West: We can do better: Cubachi
Bachmann is willing to be a one-term president?: Cubachi


Graph o' the Day: WZ
6 Pages of Obamacare == 429 Pages of New Regulations: RWN
Chicago school bans kids from bringing lunch … from home: Toldjah

Peter Thiel: We're in a Higher-Ed Bubble: Crunch
Jailed Rapist gets $120K in tax refunds: TaxProf
Housing: Stuck in Place: McArdle

Union pay chart of the day: Malkin
The Homer Simpson Approach to Social Security: PJM
Liberalism, Black America's Greatest Enemy: AT

Climate & Energy

Climatologists mount a terror campaign: PJM (Solway)
CA Gov. to Sign Bill Raising Renewable Energy Requirements: AT
Ed Markey (D-ranged): GOP “Trying To Destroy The Whole Wide World”: RWN


Politically Correct, Geometrically Ignorant and Other P.C. Insanity: Patterico
Obama and I Share the Same Dream: RWN
Chris Matthews: Paul Ryan's Medicare Plan Will 'Kill Half the People Who Watch My Show': NB

Paul Krugman: Hey, I've Got a Great Idea! Let's Raise Taxes on the Middle Class!: Ace
MSNBC's UnCivil War on the Right: MRC
Barack the Born-Again Deficit-Cutter Gets Predictable AP Kid-Glove Treatment: NB

Another Body Blow… Trump Goes After Obama’s Close Ties to Crook Rezko: GWP
Irony: Bill Keller On What Separates the New York Times From the Agenda-Driven Rabble: BigJourn
6-Year-Old Girl Groped by TSA … This Cannot Be Real: Fox


White House Warns Of Armageddon, Worldwide Depression UNLESS Debt Ceiling Is Raised: SHN
The high price of the Obama administration’s war on CIA interrogators: Toldjah
U.S. Pays To Upgrade Mexican Trucks: JW

Doom? The Eurozone Is On The Brink?: Ace
Exposure of Movie Predicting Shiite Messiah Causes Turmoil Within Iranian Regime: PJM (Kahlili)
“4,000 Students Can Block a Highway, 4,000 Workers Can Bring the Country To a Halt”: Loudon

Veiled Threats to Freedom of Expression (and Other Notes From the Clash of Civilizations): Patterico
Homosexuals burned alive in Iraq: Creeping
France: 21-Year-Old Jewish Man Shot by Muslims: Atlas


Hack Unlocks AirTunes Private Key, Allows Streaming to Any Device: Wired
Groupon Gets Into Real Estate Deals: Consumerist
Groupon gang: Learn more about the 4 behind the firm: ChiBiz


David Plouffe, Ferris Bueller: Separated at Birth?: MOTUS
My Father Served In WWII: GM's Place
SUNY Purchase professor holds instructional seminar on squatting: RWN

Image: BigJournalism
Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: Marizela featured on America’s Most Wanted; Others Missing in Pacific Northwest

QOTD: "Suppose that in a mere three years your family’s spending – spending, mind you, not income – jumps from $80,000 to $101,600. You’re now understandably worried about the debt you’re piling up as a result of this 27 percent hike in spending.

So mom and dad, with much drama and angst and finger-pointing about each other’s irresponsibility and insensitivity, stage marathon sessions of dinner-table talks to solve the problem. They finally agree to reduce the family’s annual spending from $101,600 to $100,584.

For this 1 percent cut in their spending, mom and dad congratulate each other. And to emphasize that this spending cut shows that they are responsible stewards of the family’s assets, they approvingly quote Sen. Harry Reid, who was party to similar negotiations that concluded last night on Capitol Hill." --Don Boudreaux

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