Saturday, April 30, 2011

Larwyn's Linx: May Day--Wisconsin Witch Hunt Goes National

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May Day--Wisconsin Witch Hunt Goes National: Malkin
Ryan ‘Debates’ Obama on Medicare During Town Halls: BG
Your Daily Dose of Allen West Awesomeness: WZ

Communist Party Predicts Huge May Day Rallies Across U.S.: Loudon
3 Convicted in Terror Cases Later Granted Citizenship: CNS
The Man With No Shame: BigPeace


CA Union Chief: Taxpayers Selfish and Full of ‘Envy’: RWN
Black CEO Blasts 'Marxist', 'Fanatical', 'Brownshirt' Obama: WZ
Geithner’s Spin: Auto Bailout A Success: RWN

Palin: Hell no-I would't vote to increase debt ceiling: Surber
Trump: Litigation Bully: Cato
Gov. Nikki Haley defends her state’s right-to-work status: Cubachi

Americans Are Ready to Take On the Deficit: Power Line
New FTC Guidelines Take Aim at Children’s Food Pitchmen: Hot Air
U. Missouri Fires Communist Labor Studies Professor: AmPower

Climate & Energy

Perspective Is Everything. Exxon vs. The Government: RWN
The UN “disappears” yet another inconvenient climate claim, and once again, botches the cover up: WUWT
Good grief: Liberals decry solar panels as they get rolled out into the field in New York: BlogProf


Just Noting: Ace
White House Bans Uppity San Francisco Journalist: RedState
A Tornado Engulfs the White House: Power Line

Starve ‘em, strand ‘em, freeze ‘em: Obama’s plans for the elderly: Aces
The conspiracy theory that's worse than 'birthers' or 'truthers': Lid
Pat Quinn compares himself to Gen. George C. Marshall: Marathon


Muslims, protesters break barricades, attack Terry Jones in Dearborn: Creeping
New Sheriff in Town Ann Barnhardt: Fearless against Islam and the Obama Syndicate: NoisyRoom
Federal judge denies Hamas-linked CAIR access to FBI files: Atlas

Egypt: 2,000 Islamic supremacists protest outside Coptic Church: JihadWatch
Lara Logan Breaks Her Silence on Sexual Assault During Protests in Egypt: WZ
Chinese Warships in Australian Ports?: Loudon


Twitter Gets Hit With Bizarre Class Action Lawsuit Over Unsolicited SMS Notifications: Crunch
Top-rated reviews of the week (photos): CNet
Ouch: Carol Bartz Gets A 75% Pay Cut: Insider


Royal Jelly: iOTW
Deferments Helped Trump Dodge Vietnam: TSG
What to Wear When You Just Feel Like Looking Pretty: MOTUS

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