Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Greatest Spendthrift in World History Tells Americans to Make Do With Less

Oh, it's disguised under the same pablum it always is: Marxist class-warfare rhetoric. And it's just as convincing as his promises that Obamacare would reduce premiums an average of $2,500 a year. How's that working out for ya', Sparky?

Obama gave a four-step plan to confront the massive and crippling deficits ahead of us that entirely relies on the kind of proposals he’s already aired in the past.  He gave little in the way of specifics, and made no mention at all of his deficit commission again.  Instead of offering specifics on cuts, Obama instead offered specifics on … more spending:...

...For a budget-cutting speech, it certainly seemed that Obama was a lot more interested in defending spending than defunding government. Of course, that depends on what part of government we’re cutting. Obama spent most of his time looking at the Pentagon instead of anywhere else...

...Obama wants tax deductions curtailed. But which tax deductions? He never put any specific recommendation on the table. He just says that he’s going to tell Congress to figure it out. Couldn’t he have committed to even one specific proposal, rather than just list a few possibilities? How hard would it have been to say, for example, “The home mortgage interest deduction should be limited to no more than $20,000 in a year”? Apparently, too hard for this President.

As for the public sector unions whose compensation, benefits and pension plans are infinitely better than most Americans? Are they going to have to sacrifice?

Uhm, no.

And the president -- who will not rest until he has addressed unemployment, affordable housing, skyrocketing energy prices and righting the economy -- well, he has a plan.

He's taking off for Chicago tomorrow to collect campaign contributions at three separate fundraising events.

A study by the Tax Foundation finds that Americans will pay more in taxes in 2011 than the amount they spend on food, clothing and housing combined.

But that's still not enough for the radical Marxist Democrats. They want more. No amount of your money can satisfy their insatiable greed for money and power.

No amount can satisfy them.

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Anonymous said...

Large deficit spending by Obama is required to break the back of the Repuglicans Great Recession. Just as large deficit spending was required to break the back of the Repuglicans Great Depression.

That large amount of deficit spending was called WWII.