Monday, April 11, 2011

Good news: Photos capture TSA repelling toddler terrorist threat with intrusive grope-downs of 6-year olds

This administration -- and Janet Napolitano in particular -- is simply out of control, that's all there is to it.

What possible excuse can someone use to grope a six-year old?

This administration's bizarre fixation on political correctness is going to get people killed, of that I can assure you.

Update: @VladimirRS: "Show me on the doll where the TSA screener touched you."

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Robert said...

oh my God that is so disgusting! what are we doing letting these animals rule us like this? no one will EVER do that to my daughters no matter what. guess in this National Socialist Hell I just won't fly. F them.

Heather said...


Anonymous said...

That poor baby! OMG!!!! This is absolute insanity! If that were my child, I can assure you I would not let that voice would have been heard from here to the White House!!! And then, I would have filed one hell of a lawsuit! What a bunch of child molesters! GOD HELP US!!! This is going to get much worse. Next it will be a little baby! Then what?????

Terry said...

This is just terrible, how can we let OUR COUNTRY sink so low.

Marlene said...

Meant for my name to be published...not one to hide behind "anoymous"...I have always believed if one is going to speak up about an issue, at least provide a first name...

Tom said...

I'm afraid I would be going to jail for punching a TSA agent in the face. No excuse for groping a six year old.

Matt said...

If there are any mandated reporters out there, do your duty and report this goon for sexual abuse.

Anonymous said...

As much as I hate to destroy a meme, alQuada and other Islamic terrorists have strapped bombs onto children as a means of getting lesser scrutiny into protected areas. Benazir Bhutto was nearly assassinated by a bomb strapped to a 2 year old.

billo said...

"As much as I hate to destroy a meme, alQuada and other Islamic terrorists have strapped bombs onto children..."

They didn't hide it in their underwear or in their vaginas. This was not a child wearing a coat four sizes too big. Even Al Quaeda has to follow the laws of physics, and there ain't no bomb on that kid.

Anonymous said...

That is evil, evil ,evil.

I want to know that fat woman's name, it needs to be on a list. Only people with room temperature IQ's would do work like that.

Lori said...

That is child molestation, straight up.

Laughingdog said...

So I guess the TSA would now be the dream job for pedophiles then?

The_Bad said...

Anonymous mouth-breather @ 10:03pm: I'm curious. Was the 2-year-old in question a blonde girl? Was she American? Was she with non-muslim American parents?

Give me a break.

Anonymous said...

Wow! This is terrible. How disgusting. It's unbelievable that we live under such horrible conditions now...since 9/11.

Oh wait.

Yes, um....9/11.

Buildings falling. People dead.

But how did this happen?

Oh, yes. I remember. It was planes.

But why are they searching a little girl? Or a grandma? Or a normal-looking american business man? Don't they know the terrorists are middle eastern with towels on their heads and long beards? That's the only people they need to search so "disgustingly" isn't it!?

Surely if they attack again the terrorist will do exactly the same thing the very same way, right?

Of course, your most innovative terrorist might change up something just a think?

But how could they possible get something on the plane using a little girl or a grandma? No way that can happen!

Hmmm....I remember watching 9/11 reports and thinking, "How could they take over those planes with bag knives with all those people on board! No way that should have happened!

Think people!

And by the way before you unload on me without thinking, I only vote Republican, I despise Obama, I am pro-life for the unborn, pro-death penalty for the murders, and I think Ronald Reagan was the greatest president...ever.

Anonymous said...

This is just getting her ready for a life when the Government can grope you at will. Call it grooming.

Bones said...

As an addition to the “Tea Party” we must create the “NO” Party. Just say no to the Government insults and abuse. Combined with nationwide education on the use of “Jury Nullification”, we could make a difference.

Mrs Ward said...

Why is nobody criticizing the parents of this child? Good parents refuse to allow their children to fly. Period. I haven't flown since Sept. 11th because I will not relinquish my right to be treated as innocent until proven guilty. I'll walk through a metal detector, but that's it. I won't even take off my shoes. I'm not doing it, so I don't fly, I drive. My husband thought I was a nut, but I told him that if the customers allow themselves to be treated so badly by a company that they are paying, the treatment will only get worse. Then came stealing people's water bottles and shampoo. Now it's either get groped or be a porn star. What will they do next? Did you hear about the terrorist who had explosives shoved up his behind? Yeah, prepare to be treated like prisoners undergoing a cavity search. And don't forget to be outraged when they do this to a child.

Bill said...

It is time for Americans to stand up to the Political Correct world we live in and PROFILE people who fit the description or the 911 murder's.

We have hust about given our country away to those who would destroy our way of life. STOP IT NOW

The_Bad said...

Anonymous half-wit @ 4:38am: perhaps I wasn't clear enough.

Of the thousands of terrorist attacks either carried out or attempted, the demographics are clear.

99%+ are middle-eastern men aged 18-25.

0 are blonde-haired girls aged 4-10.

Get real.

Anonymous said...

To 1/4 wit ashtray mouth: Don't sell yourself short. You were crystal clear.

So clear that I could see your stupidity from here.

What are you going to cry about if the next attack is carried out utilizing people or things foreign to your terrorist stereotype? I have a feeling you'll find something to cry about.

You are a helpful puppet to the terrorists if you are willing to react only upon what they have already done, instead of proactively trying to prevent the next attack. Terrorists LOVE people like you.

p.s. I'm willing to interact with differing views, but only without the personal name calling. You started it and I have now finished it.

Don't expect a reply from me if you do it again. You are not interested in meaningful dialogue, only your little personal rants, which no one here cares about.

Especially me.

Thanks bunches.

Billy Bob said...

It's completely sick! Terrorists?! How many people were killed by terrorists at US soil in recent 10 years? This 'war on terrorism' is the only real terror we experience!

Anonymous said...

Nobody has spoken the obvious: this is racial profiling. The black lady would not have done this to a colored child. Get used to it white people, they're getting even.

The_Bad said...

Anonymous dolt @ 3:01pm: your creative abilities are underwhelming. Ashtray mouth? Come up with that one on your own? Hope you didn't hurt yourself.

No one here cares? Glad to see an anonymous commenter is willing to speak for everyone at someone else's site. It must be awfully taxing to be the foremost authority on everything.

So, true Reagan conservative that you are, continue to support the moronic policies of today's TSA versus supporting real-world solutions. If you think randomly groping American children keeps us safe, you might want to reconsider calling others stupid.

Your puerile response is not necessary. Everyone is dumber for having read your prior thoughts.

Anonymous said...

Call your congressional reps and senators. I think we need to start protesting outside their offices since they refuse to stop this.

Anonymous said...

Dear cancer stick sucker,

1. Your comments about my remarks reveal that you don't have the ability to understand someone else's comment when you say they said something that they didn't say. (Good luck understanding that point genius).

2. Your inability to interact with someone without personal name calling gives me confirmation about not agreeing with you regarding this issue.

Here's hoping all your future flights are only with white middle class Americans. Good luck with that.

The_Bad said...

Anonymous asshat @ 3:01pm: “Don't expect a reply from me if you do it again.”

Anonymous douche-nozzle @ 3:59am: knew you couldn’t resist, troll. You gave yourself away as the Media Mutters troll you are the moment you claimed to be a Reagan conservative. Further confirmation comes from your inability to think or express yourself creatively. You came here to anonymously “destroy a meme”, then got pissy when called on your ignorance. Don’t like the way I interact with you? Stop interacting. I understand your liberal kind believes strongly that you should have the ability to legislate my behaviors, speech and thought. It’s specifically why your kind thinks groping little girls at airports makes us safer while deposing middle-eastern dictators bent on American destruction makes us less safe. Free societies are terrible places for you because people are free to express why you are wrong. Perhaps you would be more comfortable in North Korea? China? I’ll be happy to pack your bags for you, comrade.

On a more personal note, I don’t hold it against you that you take it up the pooper. Nobody here does. Stop hating yourself because of it.

Anonymous said...

hehehe - that was way too easy.

Hey pot-bellied marlboro man, once upon a time it took quite a few posts, but now it took only 2 posts to get your panties in a wad.

Where is the challenge anymore?!

Personally, I think you are a terrorist-enabling yahoo pretending like you care about the welfare of everyone when you only "care about" little white children.


Look at every one of your posts dude!!! All of them! You are infatuated with young, little, American, white children (I'm guessing girls or boys?), and especially blondes.


I think you unintentionally exposed yourself, no pun intended.

And if you are looking for a "smiley face" or an "LOL", you won't get it here. I'm very serious and very thankful that my daughters and son are anonymous to you.

Good riddance.

what? said...

Was the comment above supposed to make sense?

Anonymous said...

The comments stopped making sense a long time ago. I hope they are done. Both of them.


Groof said...

"What possible excuse can someone use to grope a six-year old?"

How about this excuse?

By the way, I agree with you, Doug; it's just that I thought you should address this unlikely (in the US, anyway) scenario.