Friday, February 24, 2017

Larwyn's Linx: Cruz: Congress should use 'all authority' to rein in activist judges

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Cruz: Congress should use 'all authority' to rein in activist judges: Nate Madden
Cotton Emerging as Valued Trump Wingman in the Senate: Rebecca Berg
"If you look at these Cabinet appointees, they were selected for a reason": Althouse

Democrats continue their “60 vote standard for SCOTUS nominees” myth: Hot Air
This Is Fascism? Bannon Vows Trump Will “Deconstruct The Administrative State”: RWN
University of Michigan Student Group Demands White-Free Space: RWN

Mexico vows to resist Donald Trump's immigration plans: Times
Migrants Still Arriving at Texas Border in Record Numbers: Ildefonso Ortiz
The Only Option: Christian Mercenary

Ted Cruz and Mark Levin at CPAC 2017: Scoop
Where was McCain when Obama attacked the free press?: AT
Democrats Make Fools of Themselves at Cotton Town Hall: John Hinderaker


The Plight of the Parasites: The Z Man
Debt added first month in office: Obama $200 billion; Trump minus $12 billion.: Ethan Sabo
Illinois state workers highest paid in nation : Illinois Policy

Scandal Central

Illegal fundraiser for Clintons made secret tape because he feared being iilled: DailyMail
Why Trump’s Call to Investigate Vote Fraud Is Valid: Joanne Young
It's Time to Press For an Investigation of the Clinton Foundation: Charles Ortel

Climate, Energy & Regulations

Crews Race To Save Highway 50 In Sierra: CBS SF


Steve Bannon Explains Why U.S. Media Will Never Stop Attacking President Trump: Treehouse
New York Times in Full Panic Mode: Trump May Designate Muslim Brotherhood Terrorist Organization: Breitbart
A Malignant Delusional Dwarf, aka Robert Reich: Ace

Political Correctness: A Tirade: Liberty's Torch
Washington Post Adds ‘Clarification’ Noting That Ned Price is Clinton Donor: Brent Scher
Chris Cuomo's Weiner: Ace


Savages of Stockholm: Sultan Knish
“Wrongfully Imprisoned” Gitmo Inmate Turns Splodydope: WeaponsMan
Muslim Agent Arrested After He Is Caught Leaking Geert Wilders' Location to Jihadists: GWP

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

The Post-Human World: Derek Thompson
DARPA: We’re Moving to Merge Humans and Machines: Futurism
Actors, teachers, therapists – think your job is safe from artificial intelligence? Think again: Guardian


Confusion: WRSA
Higher Education: The Higher You Go the Dumber You Get: MOTUS
Surviving Life Without Connie: C&S

Image: The Tape Leak That Took Down Billy Bush Was Allegedly A ‘Today’ Inside Job
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QOTD: "Sally Kohn, a CNN commentator perfectly personifies the left’s combination of utter cluelessness and utter certainty in its own moral superiority. Drawing from her bottomless well of stupidity, she recently became infamous for wishcasting about what happens “[s]traight forward from here.” Her scenario starts with Step 1 (“Impeach Trump & Pence”) and ends with Step 6 (“President Hillary”), thanks to a Constitutional process she created herself by blending ignorance, fascism, and wanting.

Sally, however, overlooked Step 2.5, where several dozen million Americans defend the Constitution by taking out their black rifles and saying, “Oh, hell no.” I assume the patriots determined to protect the Union would be confronted, for a short and awkward time, by a pro-coup hipster army locked and loaded with vinyl LPs, participation trophies and unearned self-regard." --Kurt Schlichter

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