Saturday, February 11, 2017

Larwyn's Linx: You Say You Want a Revolution

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You Say You Want a Revolution: R.S. McCain
Insane Ninth Circuit Court Now Demands It Be Protected From Itself: Treehouse
Insider Mary Doetsch Writes About U.S. Refugee Program: Treehouse

If We Don't Let in Muslims to America, They'll Kill Us: Daniel Greenfield
Trump says he might sign 'brand new order' on immigration: Anna Giaritelli
Trump Calls Elizabeth Warren ‘Pocahontas’: Justine Baragona

Black-Robed Bastards: Karl Denninger
‘Indivisible,’ With George Soros Ties, Targets Republicans: Daily Signal
Woman Born in Nazi Germany: Trump Isn't Like Hitler, Rioting Leftists Are: Watson

Mexico Warns Citizens In United States Illegally To Take Precautions: RWN
Ohio Senate Candidate Josh Mandel: CAIR Is a Front Group for Terrorists: Ace
Rush: "We're not that far from a civil war": Daily Rushbo


Harvard Economist: 42 Percent of Immigrant Households on Public Assistance: George J. Borjas
Sec. DeVos Releases Statement About Being Physically Blocked From Entering School: Hannity
Teacher fired after writing ‘Only good Trump supporter is a dead Trump supporter’: iOTW

Scandal Central

How Deep Was the Obama-Iran Relationship?: Amir Basiri
Judicial Watch Files Suit For ‘Refugee Travel Loans’ Information: JW
Scott making Vermont a sanctuary state as GOP elsewhere sides with Trump: Emma Lamberton

Climate, Energy & Regulations

About the 97% of Climate Scientists: Scott Adams
GOP Introduces Bill Which Would Gut Parts Of EPA: RWN


Listen to what Barack Obama had to say about Illegal Aliens: Larry Elder
Revolution is not only inevitable, it’s necessary: How Steve Bannon’s dark vision could shape the world: Joseph Brean
European public shocks elites in huge 10-country poll by rejecting further Muslim immigration: AT


Watch Montreal imam call for extermination of Jews: Victor Laszlo
Your Moral And Intellectual Superiors: SDA
Counter-terrorism unit arrests man arriving at Gatwick from Iraq: Guardian

Mexican President’s Photo Op with Deported Migrants Backfires: Breitbart
The West's Real Bigotry: Rejecting Persecuted Christians: Uzay Bulut
B-52 set for 'Star Wars' weapons upgrade: DailyMail

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Sony has patented a contact lens that is blink powered and records video: Minds
Dozens of New Cancer Drugs Do Little to Improve Survival, Frustrating Patients: Liz Szabo
What's Really Wrong With Twitter & Why Trump Lost in Court: DomainMondo


"Diversity is Our Strength": DiploMad
The Only Thing We Have To Fear…: MOTUS
ICE Commences Raids In Southern California With 160 Arrested: TruthFeed

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