Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Larwyn's Linx: The Media’s Jihad Against the Trump White House Staff

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The Media’s Jihad Against the Trump White House Staff: Jeffrey Lord
Flynn Resigns: Treehouse
What General Flynn’s Resignation Means for America: Mike Cernovich

Who Are The Illegal Aliens Democrats Are Supporting In Wake Of Sweeps?: RWN
Liberals Howl Over ICE Raids Targeting Criminal Aliens: Kathryn Blackhurst
Flynn Is Already Throwing Shade Over His Firing: TheDC

When is a fact not a fact?: Stuart Schneiderman
Where did the FY2017 refugees go so far; 34,825 as of this morning: Ann Corcoran
White Hats Confer With Reform Agents Within Political Islam: Treehouse

The Rape and Slavery That No Campus Will Condemn: Daniel Greenfield
Hillary has the nerve to troll Mike Flynn, gloats over his resignation: Samantha Chang
Clinton reminds us why we’re lucky she lost the election: Michael Goodwin


California Asks For $100B Despite Refusal To Enforce Immigration Laws: Jason Chulack
After Trashtalking Trump for a Month, California Officials Now Begging for His Help: JWF
Liberals Angry as State Auditor Plans to Add Photos to Food Stamp Cards in Ohio: RWN

With a single order, Trump could reduce the health care costs of the uninsured by 90%: AT
State by State: The Cost of Illegal Immigration Infographics : Swier (2016)
Government program gives immigrants residency for $500,000: WTAE

Scandal Central

The TSA Continues to Excel: WeaponsMan
Georgetown Professor Condones Rape And Slavery Under Sharia: Meira Svirsky
In The Age Of Trump, Unions Urged To Use Underground Organizers: AmSpec


Media Lose Minds Over Real News Questions at Trump-Trudeau Press Conference: Matthew Boyle
Open Letter To William Kristol: Ace
Black Lives Matter Leader: White People Are Sub-Human: Peter Hasson


US Women’s Chess Champion Refuses to Submit to Iran and the Hijab: Sara Noble
Good News: Only About 50 Million Muslims Worldwide Support Terror Attacks: DailyMail
Geert Wilders vows to 'de-Islamise' the Netherlands after taking lead in Dutch polls: Independent

Shocking Statistic: Mexico Deports More Illegals Than The US Does: WesternJournalism
Canada Heading Towards Blasphemy Law: Raheel Raza
Mexico Doesn’t Want Illegal Immigrants Deported Home: LidBlog

War In Asia: The Z Man
Global Effort Launched to “Repeal and Replace” United Nations: Alex Newman
Female Ontario Premier Forced To Sit In A Corner While Visiting Mosque: InfLib

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Farming 4.0: The future of agriculture?: EurActiv
The classic Nokia 3310 is making a comeback in 2017: Technobuffalo
The Elusive Definition of DevOps: DevOps.com


Don’t Get Your Pink Pantashoes In A Bundle: MOTUS
McCain's Tokyo Rose Tape Revealed?: OathKeepers
Stephen Colbert Podesta Pizzagate Connection?: NewsAlert

Image: More Coptic Christians Murdered the Past Two Months Than Admitted as Refugees During Obama's Presidency
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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

So the Left is "counting coup" with Flynn's resignation, something about this isn't right. It was Barry who systematically seeded the narration of lies into reporting so that nobody could tell what the truth really was.
Trump is doing a good job defending himself but he might consider using TV to get the truth directly to the voters.