Saturday, February 04, 2017

Larwyn's Linx: The Insurrectionist Left

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The Insurrectionist Left: Virginia's Right Fielder
Trump Hits it Out of the Park: Dr. Robert Owens
Remind Democrats Who Set the Standard on Blocking Judicial Nominees: Jay Caruso

#FakeNews: House did not vote to let the mentally ill have guns: J.E. Dyer
Ben Shapiro Crushes Clockboy In Court, Ably Defended By... Kurt Schlichter: Ace
Operation HYPO: Infiltrating Violent Protest Organizations: OathKeepers

Boston Mayor Pleads Ignorance on Bombers’ Immigration Status: Brendan Kirby
20 Questions For Muslims: NC Renegade
Surprise: All Those Lone Wolf ISIS Attacks Weren’t So Lone Wolf After All: RWN

Who’s Funding The Liberal “Protests”?: RWN
5 Reasons I'm Thrilled DeVos Nomination Advanced To The Senate : Jennifer Davis
Liberals Outraged That Professional Attire Is Expected at the White House: WFB


Race to the Top: Jay D. Homnick
Hearing echoes of Arne Duncan in Betsy DeVos' focus-on-the-kids zeal: Trib
Hell, Sasha and Malia Spit That Much On Their Vacations: Bill Quick

Scandal Central

Deep State Now Using Encrypted Messaging Apps to Coordinate #TheResistance Inside The Government: Ace
Midnight “Release” Again – 178 Page FBI Clinton Email Document Release With Interesting Content: Treehouse
VA Management of “Veterans Choice”: Corrupt, or Just Incompetent?: WeaponsMan


Um, Yeah,.. About Those Latest Media Polls…: Treehouse
NYT Misreports Trump’s Statement on Israel: LI
How Are News Magazines Accepting President Trump?: Jon Gabriel

Woman in ‘I’m a professor!’ viral video becomes the new face of the resistance: Twitchy
Washington Post Has Declared War on Peacemakers: Dennis Kucinich
Chelsea Clinton Blasts Conway for 'Making Up' Attacks; Forgets Hillary Did the Same Thing: Kristine Marsh


Trump's Muslim ban is old news in Kuwait: TheNewArab
Jihad at the Louvre: A Machete and Paint Bombs: GoV
UAE foreign minister says Trump Muslim ban not Islamophobic: TheNewArab

Trump’s Iran Strategy: Editorial of The New York Sun
Trump Admin Urged to Counter Iran With New Middle East Missile System: Adam Kredo
Defiant Iran holds ‘massive’ missile drill day after US sanctions: Times of Israel

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Puppet's Puppets: SDA
Leaked Windows 10 Cloud shots show Microsoft taking on Chrome OS: David Nield
Google paces pack in autonomous car race, says California regulator: David Curry


Dare To Be Normal: MOTUS
How Harold Ramis’s movies have stayed funny for twenty-five years.: Tad Friend (2004)
Puppy Miraculously Survives 5-Story Plunge From New Jersey Building: Stacey Bell

Image: NYT Misreports Trump’s Statement on Israel
Sponsored by: Senate Conservatives Fund

QOTD: "It's a battle of Industrial Age versus the Digital Age. It's the Model T versus the Tesla. It's old factory model versus the new internet model. It's the Luddites versus the future. We must open up the education industry — and let's not kid ourselves that it isn't an industry — we must open it up to entrepreneurs and innovators. This is how families without means will get access to a world-class education. This is how a student who's not learning in their current model can find an individualized learning environment that will meet their needs.

We are the beneficiaries of startups, ventures and innovation in every other area of life, but we don't have that in education because it's a closed system, a closed industry, a closed market. It's a monopoly. It's a dead end. And the best and brightest innovators and risk-takers steer way clear of it. As long as education remains a closed system, we will never see the education equivalents of Google, Facebook, Amazon, PayPal, Wikipedia or Uber. We won't see any real innovation that benefits more than a handful of students." --Betsy DeVos

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