Sunday, February 12, 2017

Larwyn's Linx: Troops Await Deployment Orders from Ninth Circuit

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Troops Await Deployment Orders from Ninth Circuit: Clarice Feldman
Study Reveals 72 Terrorists Came From Countries Covered by Trump Vetting Order: CIS
Bummer: Immigration Raids Have Illegal Aliens Living In Fear: RWN

The Gorsuch Confirmation and the Finnis Connection: Steven Hayward
A Revived 9th Amendment At Supreme Court?: Maggie's Farm
The Vulnerabilities of the Ninth Circuit's Executive-Order Opinion: Althouse

On Identity Politics: John C. Wright
Illegals – We Know Where They are – So Let the Deportations Begin: RWN
There Are Still 117 Court Vacancies To Be Filled By Trump: Gage Cohen

#Black Lives Matter Remarkably Uninterested in The Lives of Poor Black Kids: Elephant
Black Lives Matter co-founder appears to label white people ‘defects’: Anthony Furey
Georgetown Prof Defends Islamic Slavery: Rod Dreher


Why People Are Leaving Blue States in Droves: John York
Taxes Set Record Through Jan.; $7.1K per Worker; Feds Still Run Deficit of $156B: CNS
Bank of America opens its 3rd employee free branch: ThomasDishaw

Scandal Central

Marco Rubio Hammers Radicals like Elizabeth Warren on the Senate Floor: RWN
Sanctuary cities cave in face of Trump's funding threats: Elizabeth Llorente
UC Berkeley Police Leadership Failed in Its Duty to 'Serve and Protect': Debra Heine

Climate, Energy & Regulations

Swift repeal of Obama rules leaves former staffers steaming: Politico


Majority of Americans support Trump immigration ‘ban’ from terror hotspots : Swier
A Century of "Liberal Fascism": Ed Driscoll (3/17/2008)
Nobody Knows Anything: Matthew Continetti


Navy’s Depleted Aircraft Will Take Years to Rebuild After Obama-Era Defense Cuts: Natalie Johnson
Trump's nominee to be Israel ambassador gets a hearing date: Al Weaver
Pat Condell Tells It Like It Is In Europe, And How It Could Be In America: Ace

Trump gets off to flying start with Xi Jinping: M.K. Bhadrakumar
North Korea missile test seen as challenge to Trump: MercuryNews
When Will the West Wake Up to the Fact That the World has Changed: NEO

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

How Hyperloop can reshape the future of transportation: Wired
Big Data Science: Expectation vs. Reality: Stepan Pushkarev
Black holes are even stranger than you can imagine: Alister Graham


Fun With Ferrets: MOTUS
Piers Morgan told to “F Off” on Live TV for Defending Trump: Ethan Sabo
SNL Pits Trump Against the 9th Circuit Judges in a Parody of People’s Court: Mediate

Image: Trump Says US '100 Percent' Behind Japan After North Korea Missile Test
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QOTD: "ISIS recruitment has nothing to do with our immigration policy. Unless the world’s greatest ISIS recruiter was Obama.

ISIS had zero recruitment problems under Obama. There was no shortage of Muslims lining up to run over, rape, behead, bomb and mutilate non-Muslims even when his refugee policies bent over backward to favor Muslims. Instead that’s when “lone wolf terrorism” by ISIS supporters, some of whom had come here as first or generation refugees, took off.

At the height of Obama’s pro-Islamist policy, ISIS was picking up 2,000 new recruits a month. Even as he rolled out a plan to fight ISIS with aggressive tweeting, the Islamic State gained tens of thousands of recruits. There were investigations of ISIS sympathizers in every state and hundreds of Muslim settlers in America had traveled to join ISIS. Others carried out terror attacks here.

Since none of this could be Obama’s fault, the media took to blaming random people who might make Muslims hate us. " --Daniel Greenfield

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