Sunday, February 19, 2017

Larwyn's Linx: The Ninth Circuit’s Stay On Trump’s Immigration Order Is Legal Garbage

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The Ninth Circuit’s Stay On Trump’s Immigration Order Is Legal Garbage: Cameron Kinvig
ICE: Yes, 75 Percent Of Illegal Immigrants We Arrested Have Criminal Records: Matt Vespa
Taking on the Mandarins: Jonathan F. Keiler

When The Democrats Do It, That Means That It's Not Illegal: SDA
Chinese Ambassador Sought Private Meeting With Clinton Aides: DC
Keith Ellison’s Corrupt Bargain Shakes Up DNC Race: ARP

Bolton Emerging as Frontrunner to Replace Flynn: Cathy Burke
A Glimpse Of Warfare’s Future, Today: Colin Clark
Trump to Bureaucrats – Out With the Old: RWN

DHS Seeks Sweeping New Guidelines To Deport Those Unlawfully Present: RWN
At least 140 Somali refugees settled in US after court suspends ban: Robert Spencer
Senator Marco Rubio (R-Fl) comments at David Friedman confirmation hearing: Matzav


Nestle Leaves California to Get Away from Marxist Lawmakers and Activists: Trey Sanchez
Trump: An hour of negotiations saved more than $1 billion on Air Force One: Jacqueline Klimas
F-35A Drops Below $100M; Trump Pentagon Trumpets Jobs: Colin Clark

Scandal Central

The Obama-Bezos-CIA-WaPo Link Coincidentally Lurking Behind Leaks: Jeff Dunetz
Obama-linked activists have a ‘training manual’ for protesting Trump: Paul Sperry
House Oversight hasn’t forgotten Hillary’s IT aide who blew off subpoena: Twitchy

Climate, Energy & Regulations

Scott Pruitt’s Back-to-Basics Agenda for the EPA: Kimberley A. Strassel
This Is Not Your Grandma's Humane Society: SDA
Celebrity homes under siege as four are killed and and dozens more are rescued in California storms: DailyMail


Twitter’s New Tool to Crack Down on Politically Incorrect Language: William Hicks
After 8 Years of Campaigner-in-Chief Obama, NPR Accuses Trump of 'Permanent Campaign': Warner Todd Huston
Dale Jackson: a journalist in the mold of Andrew Breitbart: Rick Bulow

The Presidential Ratings Racket: Carl M. Cannon
John McCain Should Retire and Come Out as a Democrat: ConRead
Juanita Broaddrick To Chelsea Clinton: Your Father Is ‘Horrifying, Sick And Awful’: Kaitlan Collins


Islamophobic Saudi Arabia Deports 40,000 Muslim Pakistanis, Citing Terrorism Concerns: Michael Qazvini
1993 World Trade Center bombing mastermind dead at 78: Max Greenwood
Vatican-sponsored conference criticizes Trump orders: AP

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

First-Person Shooter Business Intelligence: Ross
History of Bitcoin in 500 words: The Merkle
Biologists find cave life that may be 50,000 years old: Daily Mail


Behavior of Scientologists and Liberals Eerily Similar: Pete Vanderzwet
Here I Come Again Now Baby, Like a Dog In Heat**: MOTUS
5 FDNY, NYPD First Responders Die From 9/11-Related Illnesses Within a Week: Erica Byfield

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QOTD: "[New EPA Administrator Scott] Pruitt says he expects to quickly withdraw both the Clean Power Plan (President Obama’s premier climate regulation) and the 2015 Waters of the United States rule (which asserts EPA power over every creek, pond or prairie pothole with a “significant nexus” to a “navigable waterway”). “There’s a very simple reason why this needs to happen: Because the courts have seriously called into question the legality of those rules,” Mr. Pruitt says. He would know, since his state was a party to the lawsuits that led to both the Supreme Court’s stay of the Clean Power Plan and an appeals court’s hold on the water rule.

Will the EPA regulate carbon dioxide? Mr. Pruitt says he won’t prejudge the question. “There will be a rule-making process to withdraw those rules, and that will kick off a process,” he says. “And part of that process is a very careful review of a fundamental question: Does EPA even possess the tools, under the Clean Air Act, to address this? It’s a fair question to ask if we do, or whether there in fact needs to be a congressional response to the climate issue.” Some might remember that even President Obama believed the executive branch needed express congressional authorization to regulate CO 2 —that is, until Congress said “no” and Mr. Obama turbocharged the EPA." --Kimberley A. Strassel

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Anonymous said...

"Will the EPA regulate carbon dioxide?"
Of course they wanted to, it was chosen to be the new "natural" refrigerant, and should be flushed as well.