Tuesday, February 28, 2017

"I DO THINK AT SOME POINT YOU'VE MADE ENOUGH MONEY": Obama Book Deals to Net $60 Million

By Robert Donachie

Publishing rights to two books written by former President Barack Obama and former First Lady Michelle Obama could go for $60 million in an ongoing global auction.

The former president and first lady wrote the books separately, but are auctioning off the publishing rights simultaneously, The Financial Times reports. If the books secure the projected $60 million price-tag, it would greatly surpass original expectations. Researchers originally estimated the two memoirs would net the couple $40 million, according to business analytics data from American University.

Publishing houses currently vying for the rights include: Penguin Random House, HarperCollins, and Simon & Schuster, to name a few. Penguin Random House is reportedly the current favorite to secure exclusive rights. A final decision is expected at any moment, FT reports.

Former President Bill Clinton’s memoir was published by Knopf Publishing Group. The former president sold the rights to the company for $10 million, an amount that set records for a non-fiction deal at that time.

The Obamas are no strangers to lucrative book deals. The couple reports living off the proceeds of “Dreams from My Father,” the memoir Obama wrote in 1995, which was re-released during his 2004 bid for the U.S. Senate. “Before this book started selling we were living in a condo and we had two cars, but one of them was beat up,” Obama told reporters in 2008.

The couple is projected to make as much as $242.5 million in their time after leaving the White House, American University reports. Obama is set to receive a cushy lifetime salary of $200,000 a year from the government, a salary that’s four times the average household income in America. On top of the hefty salary, Obama will also get health care coverage, subsidized private travel, and a private office of his choosing.

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John said...

I'm thinking that the 'Rights' money is the only money they are going to see.

I'm thinking that the publishing house that pays it will be in bankruptcy next year.

Unknown said...

What the f*ck do those clowns need money for? The taxpayers and billionaires sycophants will be picking up their tab for the rest of their stinking lives.

Cascadia said...

These two grifters won't actually be writing those books. Both are too lazy, ignorant, and incompetent to do the hard work. Barry, as an unknown nobody, certainly didn't warrant the two earlier hagiographies. Nor did he have the talent to write them.