Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Larwyn's Linx: But There's Nothing to Cut: Hundreds of Feds Watching Porn at Work

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But There's Nothing to Cut: Hundreds of Feds Watching Porn at Work: Elizabeth Harrington
Republicans' Secret Weapon Spooks Democrats and Regulators: Alice B. Lloyd
Obama’s fingerprints are all over recent town hall protests: Robert Eno

A Great Night For Trump and Republicans: John Hinderaker
Not a Dry Eye: Trump Pays Tribute to SEAL Owens, Honors Widow Carryn: Kim Quade
Top Democrats Refuse To Stand, Clap For Navy SEAL Widow: Ben Shapiro

The Democrats Became The Party of Hate Tonight: Steve Berman
What They Are Saying: Dem Response Is A “Fiasco”: ARP
Nancy Pelosi refuses to applaud American job creation: Mirror

Fear grows in Jewish community after 100 bomb threats at Jewish centers: CNN
Trump: ‘We Are a Country That Stands United in Condemning Hate and Evil’: CNS
Democrats Boo Trump Proposal to Give a Voice to Victims of Immigrant Crime: InfLib


These Payment Processors Are Trying To Hurt Gun Stores: Beth Baumann
Soda companies, supermarkets report 30-50 pct. sales drop from soda tax: Philly
Another Teacher Exposed as a Leftist Radical: Brent Smith

Scandal Central

The Clinton Scandals Doomed Hillary's Run: RWN

Climate, Energy & Regulations

Trump wants to cut one-fourth of the EPA. Why not the whole thing?: Logan Albright


Just in time for Trump, George W. Bush lifts embargo on criticizing successors: J. Marsolo
Research By Gun Control Group Shockingly Comes To Predetermined Conclusion: Bob Owens
The Day the New York Times Lost All Credibility: Jack Cashill

Snap poll: Trump soars following speech to Congress: Daniel Chaitin
Democrats Prepare to Troll President Trump During Major Speech to Congress: Emily Zanotti
Obamascare: 60% of online Obamacare defenders 'paid to post' hits on critics: Paul Bedard


The Hurdles to Building a Border Wall: Stratfor
Is Islam a Religion of Peace? Let’s ask the OIC: John Ellis
US Army names Muslim chaplain spiritual leader of 14,000 mostly Christian soldiers: JW

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Red Flag confirmed F-35 dominance with a 20:1 kill ratio U.S. Air Force says aircraft: Tom Demerly
Paper Problem: Cash is passé. But digital money makes you easier to track.: TechReview
No Shortage of Twitter Snark as AWS Outage Disrupts the Internet: DCK


The 10 worst US aircraft: Hushkit
Mount Etna is erupting and it looks spectacular:
What Not To Wear: MOTUS

Image: Mount Etna is erupting and it looks spectacular
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Anonymous said...

So dRATS are up against it. They tuned the art of sucking money from Government into a fine instrument and now are confronted with the honesty of "the old fashioned way". No wonder Pelosi has become a zombie, she realizes her husband would have been better off marrying a Republican.