Sunday, March 12, 2017

Larwyn's Linx: US attorney defies Trump administration, gets fired

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US attorney defies Trump administration, gets fired: Robert King
ACLU Is Suddenly Concerned Over Length Of Time Illegal Aliens Are Held: RWN
Sessions Considering Special Counsel To Review Actions Of Obama DOJ: ZH

Time to Clean House: D.W. Wilber
The Left isn't even good at boycotting anymore...: Nicole Russell
Trump and the Philistines Have Sacked Washington: DailyBeast

Trump's Wall Is Already Paid For: Daniel John Sobieski
ACLU's People Power Project to Launch With "Cities of Resistance" Effort: Nadia Prupis
Ex-WTOP Anchor Remembers 1977 Terrorist Siege By Hanafi Muslims In DC: WZ


Vice President Mike Pence Healthcare Speech In Louisville Kentucky: Treehouse
NYT: Pensions Con New Teachers: AmInt
McConnell: Tax reform unlikely by August: Jordain Carney

Scandal Central

Mark Levin: Why the GOP is making excuses for not fully repealing Obamacare: Scoop
Andrew Gillum And Hillary Clinton, Emails, Emails, Emails: Leslie Wimes
Yes Virginia, some progessives actually want to eliminate policing: TruthOut

Climate, Energy & Regulations

EPA "environmental justice" head resigns: AP
EPA Chief: Carbon Dioxide Not Primary Cause of Warming: TheIntelligencer
Pruitt's Right: The Science Isn't Settled: Jordan Candler


The one book to understand Steve Bannon: Jonathan Swan
Bad Gun Reporting From Fox News: BattleSwarm
Why, of course: ‘Homeland’ Has Become Anti-American And Pro-Terrorist: Brandi Love

Harvard library circulating 'fake news' list: includes just about every conservative news site: T. Becket Adams
A Day Without Idiots: ConRead
The Media Is Pushing Chelsea Clinton's Every Tweet as "Daring" and "Sassy": Ace


Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad Interview With Chinese Media: Treehouse
Venezuela, Accused of Selling Passports to Hezbollah, Is Running Out of Passports: Breitbart
UK: Trial for Muslim terrorist delayed… so he can fast for Ramadan: Creeping

Why 17-Year-Old Mayar Mohamed Mousa Had to Die: Jamie Glazov
Mayor Calls Criticism Of Muslim Prayers In School ‘Hate Speech’: DC
When Spies Are Out of Control: Gregory Clark

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Harvard Scientists Theorize That Fast Radio Bursts Come From Alien Space Travel: PopMech
Self-Driving Cars Will Need to be 100X Safer Than Human Drivers: Brady Dale
How The FBI Used Geek Squad To Increase Secret Public Surveillance: Slashdot


Underdog Israel crushes Cuba as Cinderella squad stuns baseball tourney again: Times of Israel
The Story No One Else Will Tell: Christian Mercenary
The world’s most expensive taco costs $25,000: Natalie O'Neill

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