Wednesday, March 15, 2017

We got your piping hot "Fake News" blog widgets right here

The invaluable Gates of Vienna was recently one of many legitimate, fact-based or center-right news sites tarred by Harvard University as 'False, Misleading, Clickbait-y, and Satirical “News” Sources.'

In a nutshell, sites that publish very real news stories with which Harvard disapproves have been labeled "fake".

As if Harvard and its far left denizens are the arbiters of truth for the entire country.

In honor of that, GoV author Dymphna emailed us a blog widget that anyone is free to use. Especially sites that -- because they deliver fact-based news and opinions -- are infinitely more reliable than, say, The New York Lyin' Times or MSNBC's Rachel "Al Capone" Maddow:

Click to retrieve your officially certified "Fake News" badge:

350 pels wide
200 pels wide
160 pels wide
120 pels wide

To check whether your favorite sites are on the list, see 'You won't believe the 50 websites Harvard has labeled "Fake News".'


commoncents said...

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Bookdoc said...

I really did like the list-I found some great websites I either did not know or had not been to in some time! Many of the others are already on my "favorites" list.

Anonymous said...

Harvard is an overpriced political brothel and should be labeled a 'Fake School'.