Monday, March 20, 2017

Larwyn's Linx: The Hate Group That Incited the Middlebury Melee

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The Hate Group That Incited the Middlebury Melee: Carl M. Cannon
A Government of Laws, Not Men: Roger Kimball
Here are the design Plans for Trump’s border wall: ConRead

Did Democrats Aid and Abet Terrorists Seeking American Secrets?: Scott McKay
The “Are You Paranoid Enough?” Edition: Liberty's Torch
Cruz Defends Trump On Spying – Obama Targeted Political Enemies Before: Rick Wells

H-1B Visa Architect: Program ‘Hijacked’ to ‘Displace Americans’: Kathryn Blackhurst
Camille Paglia: Feminism ‘Bogged Down’ By Being Identified With Democratic Party: DC
"Conservative" Darrell Issa turns to the left: Martin Wisckol

Tammy Baldwin Pays 90K To Clinton Lawyer For Crisis Control After VA Scandal: RWN
'Jewish privilege' posters proliferate at UIC: Jackson Richman and Adam Sabes
NY Times: There Needs To Be A Crackdown On Illegal Alien Employers: RWN

A Comprehensive Study: How Media Provided Evidence of Obama Surveillance of Trump: Jen Kuznicki
Rand Paul Gets Real on Flynn-tel: Scoop
President Trump’s Week: Wiretaps, Media, and Judicial Skullduggery: Clarice Feldman


With Merkel’s Visit, Trump Wins Again: John Hinderaker
This blog post was not brought to you by the National Endowment for the Arts: John Ruberry
Anti-Trump Labor Strike Planned for Communist Holiday: Katherine Rodriguez

Scandal Central

Author: It’s Not College Kids Creating Chaos To Resist Trump, ‘They’re Professionals’: DC
What's the point of polling when liberals violently attack those who disagree?: Breitbart
Chicago values: Pro-Trump music store owners driven out of business, leaving city: Marathon

Top Democratic Lobbyist Bundlers Tied to Russian Interests: Joe Schoffstall
Facebook failed to remove sexualised images of children: Angus Crawford
BBC Tells Facebook About Child Porn on the Network, Facebook Reports BBC to Police: Matt Novak


Dr. Death Melts Down on Fox News Sunday: FAM
New York Times Misuses Data to Criticize Defunding of Planned Parenthood: Chuck Donovan
There is no dealmaker on Earth crafty enough to save TrumpCare: Joel Dodge

How Leonardo DiCaprio Can Persuade Me on Climate Change: Scott Adams
Dershowitz: Courts Implying If Obama Issued Trump Travel Ban, It Would Be Constitutional: Josh Feldman
Tim Allen says being a conservative in Hollywood is like living in 1930's Germany: Fox


Muslim Religious Leader Describes How to Divvy Up European Slaves: @Ten_GOP
Watch what happens Tommy Robinson criticizes Islam: Caolan Robertson
Secretary Tillerson Ends China Visit Amid Warm Words on Both Sides: Treehouse

Nikki Haley for the win: UN withdraws anti-Israel report and official resigns: LI
French born, Arab apostate on French TV explains the dangers of Islam to civilization: Vlad Tepes
Reports from Cuba: It appears he is right: Babalu

Russian spy ship returns to East Coast of US: Luis Martinez
Bakers in Venezuela arrested for baking cakes: SPEISA
Socialism explained in one image: Babalu

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Twitter Alternative Gab Is Worth a Second Look If You Slept on It Early: Ethan Ralph
U.S. Air Force Buying Special Drone-Snagging Shotgun Shells: TheDrive
Uber president quits after just 6 months on the job: Abhimanyu Ghoshal


No Presidential Brackets This Year: MOTUS
In an Israeli warehouse, clues about Jesus' life and death: Daniel Estrin
Trump Supporters Get Unexpected Surprise Visit With President Trump in Mar-a-Lago: Treehouse

Image: Cruz Defends Trump On Spying Claims – Obama Targeted Political Enemies Before
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QOTD: "It seems finally to be penetrating the minds of his more perfervid enemies that Trump will serve his term, and the hope for a quick destruction of his presidency by inciting the country, through their nasty parrots in the media, to believe that it had inadvertently, and through shabby manipulation of the electoral system with the collusion of the Kremlin, had foisted upon it government by Frankenstein, isn’t making it. Given all that has happened, the hysteria over the migrant order, the whole farrago of Russian nonsense, and this de-escalation has been another heavy defeat for Trump’s enemies. He has been facing a media that is 90 percent hostile and invents more news than it fairly reports... has been a baptism by fire and defamation that have failed." --Conrad Black

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