Wednesday, March 01, 2017

SHOCK AND AWE: Unfrozen Caveman Democrats Heard Donald Trump for the Very First Time Last Night

By Rush Limbaugh

I think one of the things that happened last night — and not just in that chamber, but I think in many parts of the country… I really believe this. I think the Democrats in that chamber may for the first time actually have heard Donald Trump say what he thinks and believes. I think they are so devoted to their media, I don’t think they spent much time actually watching Trump rallies, I don’t think they spent much time listening to what Trump was saying at his rallies, because if they had, there would not be this degree of anger and shock and disbelief.

But we know how cocooned these people are. We know how removed they are. They live in their own bubble, and they live in a bubble that has very thick boundaries to protect them from anything they disagree with. They don’t expose themselves to things they don’t agree with; they just characterize it based on their own bigotry and their own prejudice. And as the Democrats were shown on TV last night in these sporadic moments when the camera cut to ’em, yes, I noticed them sitting on their hands. And I noticed something else.

I noticed them looking really, really childish.

I mean, how can you not applaud proposals to enrich American life? How can you not applaud proposals to create jobs? How can you not applaud proposals to help people earn more money? But they didn’t applaud anything. Well, maybe a couple things. I forget. Chuck Schumer, two things. But they are a party that is disintegrating before our eyes — and, yes, the response that they provided to this is the kicker, is the piece de resistance which we’ll get to in due course.

They had to go find a retired governor who was beaten by a Republican in the state of Kentucky who told everybody… He was at a diner. He told everybody he was a Republican. I mean that’s the proof that they’ve got no bench, that they have no up-and-coming stars. Now, maybe they chose the guy as a throwaway because they know that the response to the State of the Union, nobody watches or pays much attention to it, and maybe they didn’t want to put one of their big stars up and have ’em basically speak into obscurity.

But I don’t think so. I don’t think they have anybody. I really… When I looked at these people, the Democrats, as Trump was making the speech, more than once I was asking myself, “Are they hearing this for the first time? They’re looking surprised. They’re looking shell-shocked.” Now, the reason that I mention this, folks, was that much of this I’ve experienced myself. It’s one of the reasons why I have unabashedly said, “I don’t think there’s anybody in the media betters equipped to deconstruct Donald Trump — and tell you who he is, how he’s doing what he’s doing, why he’s doing it, and why his people love him — than me.”

In this instance, I have gone… For 30 years of this program, you’ve heard people call here who say they only discovered me in the last year, two years ago, and they were shocked and stunned. They listened. They never listened before’ they only knew what was said about me in the media and my liberal critics, and they finally listened, and they were shocked that they didn’t hear any of the stuff that they thought I was. And I think there was some of that going on in the House chamber last night. Now, you may think this is ridiculous, and you may think it’s not possible that the highest ranking elected Democrats have never taken the time to actually listen to Donald Trump.

I’m telling you, do not reject that. It is entirely possible that they’ll watch a Trump rally and they’ll listen to what knee-jerks them and that’s all they hear and they move on, and they don’t study it — and instead of being interested in why all those people are there, they just sit there and mock them and impugn them and laugh at them, make fun of them, and tune out. The Democrat reality is not reality. I am the mayor of Realville. They are not in it. They concoct an alternative reality. Remember, reality to Democrats as a construct. They don’t think there is a reality.

And, folks, I’m not exaggerating here in explaining these people politically and psychologically. They think reality is something created by a majority of people to leave them out, and so they reject what you and I and everybody else consider reality, and they create their own. And it’s in that reality that everybody is a victim of this mean-spirited, wacko country. It’s in that reality that there is rampant racism and bigotry and homophobia and sexism and hatred and all of this anti-immigrant stuff and anti-Muslim stuff.

And it’s this country and that’s what they think it is because that’s the reality they tell themselves. Now, who knows what reality they have constructed to explain Trump. But remember: Trump didn’t win because of who he is. Trump won because of the Russians! Trump won because Russians and Trump worked together to rig the election, to hack it, and take it away from Hillary. They believe that. That’s why they want Trump’s tax returns, by the way. They think Trump’s tax returns are going to show business dealings with Russian oligarchs.

And that’s why they think Trump won’t release them. They think Trump’s gonna have taken false deductions and lied about things. That’s why they keep harping on these tax stuff — or tax returns. So I’m watching this, and I’m becoming more convinced that many of them are hearing this, much of it, for the first time — really hearing it from Trump’s mouth for the first time. I think they are that sequestered, they are that secluded, but they seclude themselves in an air of superiority. Trump’s way down there on the food chain.

Trump’s an idiot. Trump’s this. They don’t need to take the time to understand Trump. They already know Trump: Racist, sexist, bigot, homophobe. Remember, these are small-minded, narrow-minded people. And as this went on, the looks on the faces of so many of these Democrats… The expressions were at one time blank, they were shocked, they were surprised. And there are countless examples. If I wanted to search the deep, dark crevices of my fertile mind, I could give you examples where the Democrats actually have not heard or seen things exactly as you and I have — and when they do, they’re shocked and stunned.

I’ll tell you what else was going through their minds last night because of this. What they knew, what scared the heck out of them last night was that Trump — in their faces, in their presence, on national TV… Here’s another thing. There were many Americans watching that speech last night who themselves saw Trump for who he is for the first time. There were a lot of people in this country that only watch the Drive-By Media, and all they know of Trump is that he worked with the Russians to rig the election, or that he hates women, or that he’s a bombastic narcissist or whatever.

The daily criticisms. That’s what they know because that’s what’s in the media. Then they watch this last night, and it doesn’t compute with what they’ve heard. I’ve been there, folks, I know exactly how this happens. And the Democrats were witnessing it. And what they were realizing was that Donald Trump had just destroyed their efforts past five weeks to many of you define him. He went right over their heads. He went right over the heads of the fake news and the Drive-By Media and reached people who, in many cases — not all — were seeing the real Trump for the first time since the campaign began.

Not since he was elected, but since the campaign began. He just crushed the Drive-Bys last night. He just crushed them. He just blew up every narrative they’ve established on the guy. And they don’t even realize it.



Anonymous said...

Honestly, it looks like the KKK showed up. How dégénérée.

Anonymous said...

If last night was a revelation, then it's clear the Democrats haven't listened to a damned thing President Trump has said in the last 18 months. He's sounded like this from the very beginning. They should have heard the speeches he gave in Detroit---those were inspiring.

They're fighting against positions Trump doesn't even hold. They're fighting the voices in their own heads. They're insane.

Anonymous said...

These women all cheered when Barack Obama sold out the Cuban people and gave everything to the dictatorship. This stunt is a temper tantrum. The Real Resistance are Cuba's Ladies in White, not these pampered queens who helped Obama prop up Cuba's jailers.

American women got the right to vote a century ago--but Cuban women still cannot vote to this very day.

In America, you can even choose whether or not to applaud for the leader's speech.
It's so commonplace, we take it for granted. But Cubans want that, too, Nancy.
Shame on you. Stop knee-capping Cuban freedom, Democrats.