Monday, March 27, 2017

Larwyn's Linx: Oh America, What Has Become Of Your People?

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Oh America, What Has Become Of Your People?: Neal Ross
Trump Calls House Freedom Caucus ‘Friends,’ Predicts ‘A Better Bill’: Melissa Quinn
Islam and the Jihad in London : Andrew C. McCarthy

The Civil War is Here: Daniel Greenfield
Colossal GOP failure and not just on health: Glenn Reynolds
Trump Rally Turns Violent After Provocations From 'Counter-Protesters': Tyler Durden

60 Minutes: Mike Cernovich Calls Out Scott Pelley During Heated Interview: D&P
60 Minutes Interviews Mike Cernovich: D&P
House 2018: Crossover Appeal: Kyle Kondik

Soviet Sytem, Or Not?: Christian Mercenary
United Airlines Catches Flack For Enforcing Rules On Dress Code: RWN
A Nation of Law, Not Politics, with Gorsuch: RWN


Foundation: Fall of the American Galactic Empire: Jim Quinn
The Cowardice of Their Convictions: Derek Hunter
In 24 States, 50%+ of Babies Born on Medicaid; NM Leads Nation With 72%: CNS

Scandal Central

Rockville School Superintendent Says Parents' Response to Alleged Rape Is 'Racist': Jerome Hudson
Twitter’s Shadow Ban to Lead to Shareholder Lawsuits?: Mike Cernovich


Mark Levin praises Trump in defeat, calls comments that showed ‘enormous humility’ ‘outstanding’: BPR
New York Times Notes MSNBC and CNN Refusing to Cover Story of Illegals Raping 14-Year-Old: Amy Moreno
Mulvaney: Trump will pick up Obamacare when it fails and Dems are blamed: Joseph Lawler

The sad reveal about Charles Krauthammer.: Virginian
Major Companies Pull Google Ads Over Extremist Content: Meira Svirsky
Ted Koppel Tells Sean Hannity He Thinks He’s Bad for America: Josh Feldman


Former CIA Chief: Iran Might Be ‘Relatively Short Time Away’ From Having Nuclear Weapon: Barney Breen-Portnoy
'Political correctness' allowing Islamist extremism to flourish in British prisons: Telegraph
Germany slams ‘intimidating’ £300bn White House bill: The Times

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Axed! The trillion dollar list of shame: The Ten Most Expensive Cancelled Aircraft: Hush Kit
Mass-produced artificial blood is now a real possibility: Jon Fingas
Microsoft faces lawsuit over alleged data loss caused by Windows 10 upgrades: Darren Allan


Review: Peaky Blinders so far: John Ruberry
Oh Damn, I Missed “Earth Hour”: MOTUS
Huma Abedin ‘working hard’ on marriage with Anthony Weiner: Dana Schuster

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