Saturday, March 04, 2017

Larwyn's Linx: It's All Fake

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It's All Fake: The Z Man
Trump On Democrats: 'They Lost The Election, And ...Their Grip On Reality': InfLib
Israeli Ambassador to USA Slams SPLC for “Practicing Intolerance”: CounterJihad

Democrats Delayed Firing Pakistani IT ‘Hackers’ Because They Were Muslim: Creeping
Illegal Alien Taken Into Custody Sends Shockwaves Or Something: RWN
Did the Obama Administration Try Stacking the Deck Against Trump at DOJ?: WS

The Silent Coup Against President Trump: EIB
Meet the Trump pick who could lead Russia probe: TheHill
Now an Obama appointee can name a special prosecutor to investigate Trump: Josh Barro

The Press and Democrats Have Lost Their Damn Minds: Erick Erickson
Jeff Sessions should not have recused himself: J. Marsolo
Russian Ambassador Appeared As Obama White House Visitor At Least 22 Times: DC


Why Accountability to Fed-u-crats Is Damaging Student Achievement: Sandra Stotsky
Surprise: Federal Agency Backing Union Pensions Facing Crisis Itself: Bob Adelmann
Politico: Only 30% of Voters Believe H-1B Workers Are Needed: NUSA

Scandal Central

Suspect Behind Bomb Threats To Jewish Centers Arrested: And He’s A Left-Wing Reporter: Ben Shapiro
Democrats support bill that would legalize female genital mutilation: Las Vegas Review-Journal
Deployed US Navy Has A Pregnancy Problem, And It’s Getting Worse: Richard Pollock

FBI Quietly Releases Batch #7 of Clinton Investigation Notes and Interviews…: Treehouse
Deep State Strikes Again: DHS and Rachel Maddow: Breitbart
How A Swiss Affiliate Led To Thursday's Federal Raid Of Caterpillar's Headquarters: Forbes

Climate, Energy & Regulations

Fake but srsly?: Sondrakistan
Trump To Do U-Turn On Obama Era ‘Climate Change’ Vehicle Rules: RWN
Republican AGs helping Trump - by suing administration: Doug McKelway


Poll: ‘Fake news’ CNN tanks below even MSNBC: WND
Chelsea Clinton's Bold New Online Persona May Be Prep for Her Own Political Career: IJR
George W. Bush praises Kimmel's anti-Trump Oscars speech: DailyMail

Billionaire Pedophile Jeffrey Epstein Files Secret Legal Papers Against Mike Cernovich: D&P
Mark Levin Reveals the Scandal Everyone is Missing: Scoop
Don Lemon: CNN’s Proof That You Can’t Fix Stupid: Jeff Dunetz


Russian Ambassador Attended Trump Speech Tuesday – Sat With Democrats: Treehouse
What to Remember in Fighting Radical Islam: Saied Shoaaib
Guantánamo rehearses migrant crisis: Miami Herald

Forward to the Middle Ages!: Judith Bergman
More anti-semitism in Montreal mosque: Where’s hate speech bill for Imams?: David Menzies
Germany attempting to root out refugee jihadists, watching 570: Ann Corcoran

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

How Roborace is building driverless race cars: AutoBlog
NASA unveils plan to surround Mars with a magnetic field: DailyMail
Artificial 'embryo' created for first time in historic breakthrough: Ian Johnston


“Everything That We See Is a Shadow Cast By That Which We Do Not See.”: MOTUS
Horrifying haul: Russian fisherman pulls terrifying ‘monsters’ from the deep: RT
What is this 2.5mile long object moving under the Pacific Ocean?: Express

Image: “Everything That We See Is a Shadow Cast By That Which We Do Not See.”
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QOTD: "[About Sessions' decision to recuse himself from 2016 investigations] Did Loretta Lynch or Eric Holder ever recuse themselves from anything? This is the game they play! It is so pathetic to watch these Republicans on Capitol Hill. Not even 24 hours and they're all over the TV telling Sessions to recuse himself. Recuse himself from what?

...There's a much bigger scandal here: We have a prior administration. Barack Obama and his surrogates, who are supporting Hillary Clinton and her party, the Democratic Party. Who were using the... intelligence activities to surveil members of the Trump campaign, and to put that information out in the public. Those are police state tactics. Nothing Flynn or Sessions has done is even in the same category as that...

...In the middle of the campaign the [Obama] administration was actively having Trump investigated." --Mark Levin

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It's time for Trump to use the "pile driver" on the skinny Kenyan and put this whole freak show to bed.