Thursday, March 02, 2017

VERY, VERY, VERY FAKE NEWS: CNN Hires Valerie Jarrett's Daughter to "Report" on Trump White House

They're not even trying to pretend anymore.

CNN has hired Laura Jarrett, daughter of senior Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett, to report on the Department of Justice in the Trump administration.

Though the move was formally announced on Wednesday, the network “quietly hired” Jarrett in September for the reporting gig out of the Washington bureau.

You'll be shocked to learn that CNN's official bio on Jarrett fails to mention that her mother is Obama's consigliere and has reportedly even cohabitating with him in his Fortress of Failitude.

But let's continue:

Laura Jarrett’s parentage makes her an interesting choice to cover Trump’s Justice Department, which is expected to take the opposite approach to numerous highly politicized legal issues championed by the Obama Administration.

Well, suh-prise, suh-prise, suh-prise, Sah-gent Cahter. Who could have possibly predicted that a third-generation Red Diaper Baby would have been hired by CNN to cover a Republican White House?

But, sure, I could imagine these fair, independent and completely honest journalists hired, say, Mitt Romney's kid to report on the Obama White House in 2008.

Hat tip: BadBlue Uncensored News.

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Eskyman said...

We won't know if she's a Real Muslim (tm) until it is revealed whether she's had FGM.

Post the pictures, please. We need actual proof!

(Yes, it's stipulated that she's far-Left and that she's anti-American; those characteristics are necessary requirements at CNN.)