Friday, March 03, 2017

Larwyn's Linx: New York Times Offers Devastating Proof of Media Democrat Bias

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New York Times Offers Devastating Proof of Media's Democrat Bias: Patterico
When 30 Senate Democrats Met With Russians To Advance Obama Iran Deal: GWP
The Jeff Sessions Attack is a Bogus-Burger: Resurgent

An Enraged Rand Paul Is Denied a Look at GOP Version of ObamaCare: MB
GOP Rushes to Eat Their Own Again After Media Targets Sessions: Edmund Kozak
Confirmed - Obama Sabotaged Trump's Transition To The White House: Chuck Ross

ISNA's Destructive Agenda... and its Ties to Leading Democrats: John Perazzo
New DNC Deputy Keith Ellison's Islamic Plan for Congress: Paul Sperry
Plain and Simple, this Sessions Smear is a Witchhunt: Robert Eno

Illegal Alien Demands Pathway To Citizenship, ICE Arrests Her Shortly After: RWN
Valerie Jarrett moves in with the Obamas to plot Trump’s downfall?: Hot Air
Trump: Obama behind the protests, and maybe the leaks too: RWN


The Battle of Preferences: The Z Man
Build Trump's Wall? Mexican Company Says It 'Will Gladly Do It': WJ
School Choice War Goes Hot: Neal McCluskey

Scandal Central

The “Alternative Government” Vs. Trump: Cliff Kincaid
Claire McCaskill Says She Never Met with Russian Ambassador; Her Twitter Feed...: JWF
Townhall "Protesters" All Following the Same Script Authored by... George Soros: Matthew Vadum

Climate, Energy & Regulations

Police Catalogue Brutal Threats DAPL Protestors Made to Officers: WFB
Interior secretary repeals ban on lead bullets: TheHill


You Will Be Made to Understand: Donald Trump and Oppositional Journalism: William Voegeli
Mark Steyn On Obama’s New Book: Remember His “Composite Girlfriend” In The Last One?: Lookout
If Democrats Aren’t Careful, Russia Could Become Their Benghazi: Jonathan S. Tobin

Media messaging: Then and Now: Cube
Van Jones’ Excellent Metaphors About the Dangers of Ideological Safety: Jonathan Haidt
Democrats think there are Russians under Trump staffers' beds: Marathon


Trump Admin, Congress Seek to Slash U.N. Funding in Wake of New Anti-Israel Action: Adam Kredo
'Tsunami of sewage spills' in Tijuana fouls U.S. beaches, may have been intentional: LAT
Marine Le Pen Stripped Of EU Parliament Immunity For Tweeting Pictures Of Islamic State Violence: ZH

Don’t Underestimate North Korea’s Nuclear Arsenal: WSJ
Ten Incidents in Ten Days That Proved Trump Right on Sweden's Migration Problem: Breitbart
Journalists are told to leave Swedish 'no-go zone': DailyMail

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Meet 'Silent Hunter' - China's New 'Armored Vehicle Slicing' Laser Gun: ZH
Scientists want Terminator-style robots to harvest flesh: Newshub
For the first time, bitcoin is more valuable than gold: David Lumb


Rachel Dolezal’s Hilarious Name Change: Dave Blount
Suddenly, Trump Reading From A Teleprompter Is A Bad Thing: RWN
The Thin Man: MOTUS

Image: Marine Le Pen Stripped Of EU Parliament Immunity For Tweeting Pictures Of Islamic State Violence
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QOTD: "It is not a coincidence that within twenty four hours of Donald Trump giving a well received speech to Congress that the New York Times runs a hit job on Jeff Sessions to distract from it, particularly after admitting the Obama Administration has been behind much of this disruption... The Democrats are grasping at straws to distract from the President’s speech. They have Obama campaign operatives and the New York Times helping them do it." --

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