Wednesday, March 08, 2017

TWITTER ANSWERS THE CALL: How Will You Survive a "Day Without Women"?

By Daily Sheeple

Today we saw thousands of women across the country marching and striking for “The Day Without A Woman.”

We’ll avoid the politics of it all, as that’s been covered almost to the point of exhaustion by various news outlets and social media.

We will, however, take a look at the humorous side of it, because the point of a Day Without A Woman, we assume, is to show men how important they are in our lives. To be clear, no one here thinks otherwise.

When the organization that started the movement asked men how they plan to support women on March 8, some of the responses, as you can imagine, were pretty hilarious. Some are nothing short of pure brilliance, and whether male or female, we think you might just get a chuckle out of these:



Anonymous said...

I can't believe my heifer bought off on this pap. She made a pink hat and drove off to town in her stick shift Rambler to join the parade in Rawlins. No matter, I did my own laundry, ate all the sardines then kept one cold beer to give her when she returned. That stuff is her favorite, and after that she will give willingly, then I'll let her make her dinner. Wrinkles, all this just impedes what is important in life.
Cowboy up.

Anonymous said...

Any pictures that I saw of the events, showed only small crowds, nothing major. In fact the media was trying to cover for the event by only showing ground level shots, that wouldn't expose how small the crowds were.

I say the entire thing was a bust.
{pun intended}