Thursday, March 16, 2017

WHEN LEFTIST JUDGES DIDN'T COMPLAIN: 2014 --- To Protect Tourism, Hawaii Paid Homeless to Leave

By Sara Noble

Remember in 2014, when Hawaii gave the homeless one-way tickets out of Hawaii? Why do we have to take refugees from terror nations who haven’t gone through “extreme vetting”?

They wanted to keep them away from tourists but somehow tourists won’t be aghast at thousands of poorly screened and potential jihadists from Iran, Somalia, Sudan, Libya, Yemen, and Syria.

One of the reasons a Hawaiian judge gave for putting a halt to Trump’s travel ban from these extremely dangerous terror nations is it would hurt tourism!

Just two-and-a-half years ago. Hawaii launched a $1.3 million initiative to fight homelessness by flying them out of Waikiki to the lower 48.

They even allocated funds for a public relations campaign discouraging homeless people living on the mainland from moving to the state.

Why don’t we follow their lead and send the tens of thousands of refugees coming from terror-plagued countries this year and resettle them in Hawaii. It wouldn’t take any funds whatsoever and it will be good for Hawaii’s tourism.

Hawaiians might have to give up those luaus with pigs on a spit and bikinis on the beach though.

Of the total 123 refugees they “welcomed” to Hawaii, the largest number (66) were Vietnamese who came in the early years (FY03,04,05). Another 40 were Burmese (most Burmese are Christians). Only 5 from any Middle East country came. In 2004, 1 Iranian was resettled there and in 2013 they got a grand total of 4 Iraqis. None of the thousands of Syrians admitted to the US in the last 2 years were seeded in Hawaii!

The lawsuit in Hawaii stated: “It is damaging Hawaii’s institutions, harming its economy and eroding Hawaii’s sovereign interest in maintaining the separation between church and state as well as in welcoming persons from all nations around the world into the fabric of its society.”

The real power behind the suit—Muslim Association of Hawaii!

Via Seattlepi...

The state’s suit has a co-plaintiff, Ismail Elshikh, the imam of the Muslim Association of Hawaii, saying the Trump order “inflicts a grave injury on Muslims in Hawaii, including Dr. Elshikh, his family and members of his mosque.”

It’s hard to understand why they had a change of heart but one things for certain, the Russians did it!

Read more at Independent Sentinel.

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Anonymous said...

The Judge is from Obama's circle of jerks.
The thousands of Muslims he is defending should be sent there immediately.