Sunday, March 12, 2017

You won't believe the 50 websites Harvard has labeled "Fake News"

Your betters at the Harvard University Library have published a guide to "Fake News Sites" that includes a bevy of real news sites that happen to lean right. Among them: the Heritage Foundation, Conservative Review, and Wikileaks, the latter of which has revealed (whether you agree with its approach or not) some very real news indeed.

This, my friends, is a dangerous game. Just as Snopes and Politifact are reliable Democrat public relations outlets (remember when the latter played both sides on ‘If You Like Your Plan, You Can Keep It’?), anyone claiming to be an arbiter of truth is inherently suspect.

Because progressives always get it wrong, I'll repeat. The market is the only arbiter for media. The marketplace of ideas dictates who wins and loses.

Based upon a simple comparison of ratings, MSNBC and CNN are considered very, very fake news when it lines up against Fox News. And which means National Public Radio is also faux news.

Some here's my list of the top 50 sites labeled by Harvard as 'False, Misleading, Clickbait-y, and Satirical “News” Sources':

SiteHarvard LabelsReal Description
americanthinker.combiasPolitical news and opinion liberals hate
AmmoLand.combiasFirearm news liberals hate
barenakedislam.comhateNews about Isamic terror that liberals hate
breitbart.compoliticalunreliablebiasPolitical news and opinion liberals hate
canadafreepress.comconspiracybiasPolitical news and opinion liberals hate
centerforsecuritypolicy.orgbiasconspiracyNews about Isamic terror that liberals hate
citizensunited.orgbiasPro-free speech group that liberals hate
city-journal.orgpoliticalUrban news that liberals hate
CNSNews.comunreliablebiasPolitical news and opinion liberals hate
commentarymagazine.compoliticalPolitical opinions that liberals hate
conservativereview.compoliticalPro-Constitution articles that liberals hate
counterjihad.combiasNews about Isamic terror that liberals hate
dailycaller.compoliticalclickbaitunreliablePolitical news and opinion liberals hate
dailysignal.combiasPro-Constitution articles that liberals hate
drudgereport.compoliticalbiasPolitical news and opinion liberals hate
familysecuritymatters.orgconspiracybiasNews about Isamic terror that liberals hate
FreeBeacon.combiasPolitical news and opinion liberals hate
freedomworks.orgpoliticalPro-Constitution articles that liberals hate
frontpagemag.combiashateNews about Isamic terror that liberals hate
gatesofvienna.nethateconspiracyNews about Isamic terror that liberals hate
heartland.orgbiasPro-business group that liberals hate
heritage.orgunknownPro-Constitution articles that liberals hate
jihadwatch.orgunknownNews about Isamic terror that liberals hate
judicialwatch.orgunknownPro-Constitution articles that liberals hate
lifenews.combiasclickbaitPro-Life articles that liberals hate
lifezette.comclickbaitPro-Life articles that liberals hate
nationalreview.comunknownPolitical news and opinion liberals hate
pamelageller.comconspiracyfakebiasNews about Isamic terror that liberals hate
PeakProsperity.comunknownEconomic facts that liberals despise
pjmedia.comunknownPolitical news and opinion liberals hate
powerlineblog.comunknownPolitical news and opinion liberals hate
rightwingnews.combiasunreliablePolitical news and opinion liberals hate
ShadowStats.comunknownEconomic facts that liberals despise
SteveQuayle.comunknownPolitical news and opinion liberals hate
theamericanmirror.comunknownPolitical news and opinion liberals hate
TheBurningPlatform.comunknownEconomic facts that liberals despise
theconservativetreehouse.comunknownPolitical news and opinion liberals hate
theduran.comunreliablePolitical news and opinion liberals hate
thegatewaypundit.combiasconspiracyunreliablePolitical news and opinion liberals hate
theintercept.comunknownPolitical news and opinion liberals hate
therightscoop.comfakeclickbaitVideos of news shows that liberals hate
truepundit.combiasclickbaitPolitical news and opinion liberals hate
twitchy.comclickbaitrumorTweets that liberals hate
unz.comunknownPolitically incorrect articles that liberals hate
weaselzippers.usunreliablebiasPolitical news and opinion liberals hate
weeklystandard.compoliticalbiasPolitical news and opinion liberals hate
westernjournalism.combiasclickbaitPolitical news and opinion liberals hate
wikileaks.orgunknownGovernment documents that liberals hate
wnd.combiasclickbaitunreliablePolitical news and opinion liberals hate
zerohedge.comconspiracyPolitical news and opinion liberals hate

So my counsel is to visit all of these sites frequently.

Because Harvard's full of sh**. But you already knew that.


Anonymous said...

Interesting how much hate comes from liberals according to Harvard

The MUSEman said...

Not sure if all these sites are searched by the Conservative search engine (which is owned by a person who may also run a questionable health-related website, but that's not really relevant...), but GoodGopher might be worth checking out. No endorsement, just saying.

JSword said...

Thanks, Harvard, I'm going to use as a reference point for information.

CravenRichards said...

Interesting how there isn't a single left-wing news organization on his list.

This dismisses it (and the author) as a partisan joke. Nothing more.


Burt said...

I appreciate it as there were some websites I wasn't aware of.

Rather than bemoan the title, wear it with honor, like those "Best Blog of 2014" or whatever. Something like "Winner of Harvard Fake News 2017" or along those lines.

Anonymous said...

This sweaty little list isn't even original to Harvard: it's Melissa Zimdars' work from last fall.

The Old Man said...

The problem is not so much that Harvard is full of shit but that I own older and smarter pairs of jeans than the editors are who wrote this article.
And I would be tempted to pay more attention to the jeans' opinions.

Anonymous said...

I have added this list of 50 websites to my fake news aggregator:

It will update itself in a few hours.

Dymphna said...

Hmmm...some of my favorites, in particular, City Journal. That magazine is the most aesthetically pleasing periodical I know. I save past copies for aesthetic reasons rather than "news" articles.

It would be nice if we could have an official button. I'll ask the Baron if he has time to do one for our webpage, fellow fakers being free to borrow...OTOH, he's in the midst of a major computer upgrade so maybe not.

Will let you know.

Arlee Bird said...

Have to check some of these out. Funny how the left always equivocates disagreement with hate.

Arlee Bird
Tossing It Out

Dymphna said...

I forgot, Dir Blue: the widget is clickable to your post right there a way to make the post permanent or will it eventually disappear?

We put ours up already.

Scroll down - right under 'donate' button

The B said it's viewable for me but might not be public yet until our Seccuri firewall protection does its update...a few hours, I think

Unknown said...

They have Steve Quayle but not Dave Hodges.

Unknown said...

there are some sights I have not visited before. Thanks to Harvard I will be more informed!

Anonymous said...

"Veritas" indeed. Remember that Obama, you know, the president who ran ACORN and associated with Ayers before he was elected, was editor of the Harvard Law Review. I also think that CravenRichards' comment was right on point.