Friday, March 10, 2017

AMBER ALERT: Won't You Please Help Us Find the Media's "Russians-Stole-the-Election" Meme?

By Rush Limbaugh

Say, have you noticed, my friends, that the whole Russians-stole-the-election theme is gone? Have you noticed it’s not out there today? You can’t find a story on it? I’m gonna tell you why, ’cause we had a major role in this I am convinced right here on the EIB Network yesterday ’cause we nailed ’em.

Have you seen any stories about the Russians hacking the elections? It’s gone, and so is the New York Times headline from the January 20th story with “wiretaps.” They have gone back and they have changed it. “Wiretaps” is not in that headline anymore. I’ll have the details on this. There’s also two polls out there. Folks, this is big. This is exactly… I am convinced that we played a role in this. Not just yesterday, but in days in the past. Many people have, and Trump’s the actual reason why.

When he lobbed that tweet back that the Obama administration had him under surveillance, that’s when they had to let it go. And Matt Taibbi, who’s extremely liberal; Rolling Stone has a piece out today warning the Democrats saying you better be careful here, because you might get what you want, which is an investigation into what you’ve been doing. He’s warning them to walk this back and stop reporting on this with all these unnamed sources, that you’re setting yourselves up for a big fail.

What has happened to the Democrats’ and media’s story on the Russians working with Trump to steal the election from Hillary?  It’s gone.  It’s not out there today.  There aren’t any updates.  We’ve got a revised New York Times headline — sneaky, sneaky, sneaky — as they postdate change the headline wiping out the word “wiretaps” and “wiretapped” from their headline on a story January 20th.

The “Russia hacked the election and Trump worked with them to make it happen” story is gone. Now, it may reappear, but it’s gonna reappear in a different form. It is gone, and the best evidence that I can give you that it is gone — remember the headline that we and a lot of other people showed you from the New York Times on January 20th, which was — in fact, I’ve got it here in the desktop. Find this thing and — oops. I moved it. I’ll have to get it later. It was a headline from January 20th, Trump’s Inauguration Day, and it actually said: “Wiretapped Data Used in Inquiry of Trump Aides.”

And all week long, you know, we put it at, a lot of other people did, people had been focusing on it because it used the word “wiretapped.” And the reason it became interesting is because Trump volleyed back. Trump tweeted that Obama had ordered wiretaps on Trump Tower. And that caused the media and the deep state and the Democrat Party, “Wuh, wuh, wuh, we’re not investigating you. You’re stupid! You’re silly! Show us the FISA warrant. We don’t have any –” And then they had to stop themselves. Because if there’s no investigation of Trump, then what have all these stories the past six months been?

If there’s no investigation of Trump, if Trump’s not under investigation, then what the hell have all these stories been about the last six months with unnamed sources, intelligence agency officials? And every story, as I have pointed out ’til I’m blue in the face, every story has made it plain as day that they do not have any evidence yet. But the trend is looking like it happened and we’re continuing to track this story down.

Well, if you look, if you go back, you will find that the New York Times has changed the headline. You might say, “What does it matter, Rush?” January 20th. Well, these things are kept as archives now. The stories are always on the website. The pictures of the New York Times front page are always cached. A bunch of people do it. They’ve actually gone in and changed the headline. And instead of saying, “Wiretapped Data Used in Inquiry of Trump Aides.” The headline now is: “Intercepted Russian Communications Part of Inquiry Into Trump Associates.”

Now, let me point out to you the difference. Up till now all of the reporting, every bit of it has implied that there are wiretaps, that there was a FISA warrant, two FISA warrants. One was sought to wiretap and surveil Trump that was turned down and rejected. A second one applied for that did not mention Trump was granted, but nobody’s seen these affidavits. Nobody has actually seen the warrants. They are not released, but the existence of these FISA warrants has been part of Drive-By Media reporting on this story.

So the assumption has been that the Obama administration asked and received a FISA warrant to surveil the Trump campaign and the Trump transition. And then the New York Times has that story on January 20th which says, “Wiretapped Data Used in Inquiry of Trump Aides” has been changed to, “Intercepted Russian Communication.” Why would they change the headline?

It’s very simple: there has not been an investigation of Trump, folks. They have been lying about this. “Lying” may be what’s happened, but it’s not the right way to — They have been hoping. There have been deep state sources telling the media enough things that the media has hoped and they’ve rolled the dice and believed that there is eventually going to be proof that Trump was being surveilled, and the reason that Trump was being surveilled is because there is evidence of Trump collusion.

Well, there isn’t any evidence, there never has been any evidence because there wasn’t any; and the Democrats were getting way ahead of themselves, the media getting way ahead of themselves. And Trump’s tweet back at them forced them to admit there wasn’t any. ‘Cause if they had admitted there was, can you — everybody talks about the scandal of Trump working with the Russians to affect the outcome of the election. That would be a huge scandal. But there’s no evidence, there never has been any evidence, there’s no indication of any evidence, there’s not even a scintilla of curiosity about evidence. It just isn’t there. This whole thing has been made up.

But now with Trump tweeting back — can you imagine the scandal if a sitting president actually was wiretapping a candidate for president from the opposing party? Can you imagine that scandal? Well, they’re not gonna let that happen, so they shut this down ex post facto, and they’re out there saying Trump’s insane, Trump’s crazy. We’re not investigating him. What makes him think we are? I guess the reason he thinks so is because it’s in the New York Times every damn day and it’s on CNN every damn hour, and it’s been in the New York Times and CNN every damn hour for six months that Trump worked with the Russians to hack the election.

As I said yesterday, what’s to hack? What was the hack? They can’t even produce the hack. Don’t tell me Podesta’s emails. They were not hacked. Podesta is responsible for his emails being in the public domain because he fell for a phishing attack. Podesta was not hacked. The Russians may have tried, but that’s not how we learned of Podesta’s emails. There was no hack. And as I pointed out yesterday, folks, this is all you need to know.

In October before the Election Day, there were a minimum of three stories of Hillary Clinton talking about how rotten it was for Donald Trump to suggest that our election had been rigged, how irresponsible. This meant that Trump was unsuited for the presidency, because it all stemmed from Trump’s lack of willingness in the last presidential debate, when he was asked a question, “Will you accept the outcome of the election?” And he said, “Tonight I’m not gonna tell you I will.” And they blew up. The media blew up, Hillary blew up, and they immediately targeted Trump as saying he was rigging the election and he was threatening the legitimacy of the election. I’ll give you the quotes here in just a second.

The point is that in October, prior to the election, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, the Democrat Party, were convinced the election was gonna be legitimate ’cause she was gonna win. In their mind, the polling data that they had, their common sense, Hillary was gonna win, it was gonna be a landslide, and here’s Trump saying he might not accept the outcome. And they were basing their outrage on the fact that our election is sacrosanct, our election is not hacked, our election will not be hacked, our election will not be unjust, it will not be fraudulent.

And then they lose, and guess what? All of a sudden the election was hacked. All of a sudden the election was fraudulent. All of a sudden Trump and the Russians did something. So Trump volleying back that he was being surveilled on an order by Obama caused panic in the deep state and in the Democrat Party and in the media, ’cause what if that’s true? What if they did get a FISA warrant? What if they were surveying Trump? You know what kind of scandal that would be? Particularly since nobody can find any evidence for it?

So they had to drop this like a hot potato. And last night when I got home, I ran into a story by an uber-leftist, I mean this is sick leftist. You know Mike Taibbi, his son, Matt, I think it’s his son. It may not be related. I’m just assuming that Matt Taibbi of Rolling Stone. He was reporter for Channel 2 in New York when I was there. He’s got a piece in Rolling Stone — we will link to it at — warning the Democrats that they had better be real careful with this whole Trump-Russia thing, because if there’s nothing to it, they’re gonna be exposed as having made up all of this stuff, and when is there is a real scandal nobody’s gonna believe them because this has featured so many outrageous lies.

Here’s some excerpts from Taibbi’s piece. “But it could also be true that both the Democratic Party and many leading media outlets are making a dangerous gamble, betting their professional and political capital on the promise of future disclosures that may not come. … We can’t afford to bolster these accusations of establishment bias and overreach by using the techniques of conspiracy theorists to push this Russia story. Unfortunately, that is happening.”

In other words, he’s saying we in the media, we’re the ones relying on conspiracies now. We’re the ones that sound like and look like kooks advancing conspiracy theories. “Look at the techniques involved within the more ‘legitimate’ reports.” He means the New York Times. “Many are framed in terms of what they might mean, should other information surface. There are inevitably uses of phrases like ‘so far,’ ‘to date’ and ‘as yet.’ These make visible the outline of a future story that isn’t currently reportable, further heightening expectations.”

His real point here is — and this is a valid point — that all of this reporting by the Drive-Bys, and you can see it every time you turn on television and listen to anybody talk, how many Democrats, how many panelists on cable TV shows, how many guests, how many places you go and talk to people, how many people that you read already believe that Russia hacked the election, took it away from Hillary, and Trump helped?

They’ve done more than create the expectation. They have already convinced people it happened with no evidence. And Taibbi’s point is that they have built up expectations on this to the point that if there’s nothing here, they are going to have credibility and blowback problems the likes of which they can’t imagine.

“Take the Times story about Trump surrogates having ‘repeated contacts’ with Russian intelligence officials (an assertion that can mean anything, incidentally — as a reporter in Russia I had contact with Russian intelligence officials, as did most of my colleagues and friends in business.) … Democrats in congress have been littering their Russia speeches with caveats like, ‘We do not know all the facts,’ and, ‘More information may well surface.’ They repeatedly refer to what they don’t know as a way of talking about what they hope to find out.”

And they’re building up expectations to the point that if this doesn’t (audio glitch) there is going to be a rabidly insane, angry Democrat base out there, because the media already has them expecting that the news is coming, the ultimate proof from the deep state, the intel will finally arrive. And there isn’t any, folks! It did not happen. The whole thing is made up. It is something that they’re all hoping for.


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