Thursday, February 23, 2017

Larwyn's Linx: DHS Secretary Calls for Immediate Construction of Border Wall

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DHS Secretary Calls for Immediate Construction of Border Wall: Ildefonse Ortiz
Is Growing Political Divide Leading America Towards Another Civil War?: Julienne Davis
The Illusion of Freedom: The Police State Is Alive and Well: John W. Whitehead

‘Sanctuary city’ law let gang member walk free from Rikers: Post
Muslim Pre-School Teacher Removed From Class After Tweeting ‘Kill Some Jews’: Geller
What the US could learn from Sweden's refugee crisis: Fox News

White House Fingers John McCain As Media Leak: TruePundit
Donald Trump Versus The Deep State: Part II: Herschel Smith
Democrats Are In The Midst Of A Civil War, And No One Is Talking About It: Kimberly Ross

Illegal Aliens Are Hiding In Fear Due To Team Trump Immigration Rules: RWN
US ill prepared for convicted jihadis ending their prison sentences: FSM
Appeals Court Rules Against Second Amendment and Semiautomatic Rifles: OutdoorHub


Feds paid $1B in Social Security benefits to those without an SSN: Elizabeth Harrington
Trump Rolls Back Federal Legal Protection For Gender Confused: RWN

Scandal Central

Left-Wing Front Groups Make Anti-Trump Money Untraceable: Lachlan Markay
DHS Removes Obama's 'Handcuffs' on Border Patrol Agents: Bob Price
Federal judge denies watchdog's request to disclose State Dept records on Clinton’s emails: Paulina Firozi


MSNBC's Brzezinski: 'Our Job' Is to Control 'Exactly What People Think': Grabien
CNN: Ruh Roh: John Hinderaker
Maher Defended Pedophilia in the Past, but Now Says He’s Responsible for Milo’s Downfall: William Hicks
Leftwing Salon Tries and Fails to Claim Christian “Extremists” Are As Deadly as Islamic Extremists: Resurgent


Know Your History: Nazi-Arab Collaboration In Palestine, 1930s: IsraellyCool
North Korea, the real threat: FSM
Le Pen Wins Over Women Voters Who Feel Left Behind in France: Bloomberg

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

China May Soon Surpass America on the Artificial Intelligence Battlefield: The National Interest
It’s vital to verify the harmlessness of North Korea’s next satellite: Jim Oberg
How Machine Learning is Upending Marketing: Mike Flannagan


Rant of the Week: Why is Mexico the Arbiter of the Second Amendment?: David Lombardo
Just Another Old White Guy: MOTUS
ju$t $ayin’: Sondrakistan

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