Sunday, February 12, 2017

UNEXPECTEDLY: @ABC, @CNN, @WashingtonPost can't find evidence of vote fraud that a 9-year old could using Google

White House policy adviser Stephen Miller appeared on the Sunday talk shows today and made some bold claims regarding rampant vote fraud.

A hysterical, incompetent Democrat-media complex -- operating in lockstop, almost as if Journolist was still around -- immediate lept upon his statements. Glenn Kessler, the reliably Leftist Washinton Post columnist, used his debunked Polifact platform to rip Miller.

The problem for these big brains is that a 9-year old using Google could raise enough questions about systematic, rampant vote fraud to completely legitimize Miller. Here's a starter kit for the idiots reporters on the Left:

• On hidden camera, an authority on the subject -- Democrat election commissioner Alan Schulkin from New York City -- admitted that "there's a lot of voter fraud... they bus people around to vote"

• In the 2014 publication of Election Studies Journal, the authors estimate that 2.8 million illegal aliens voted in both the 2008 and 2010 elections

• In just three Virginia counties, more than 1,000 illegal voters are eligible to cast a ballot

• California's Los Angeles county reported the most provisional ballots -- the easiest to game -- in the country, representing a stunning 40 percent of all votes cast

• A retired ICE agent indicates that more than 10 percent of all illegals he arrested had illegal voter registrations.

• In 2010, Democrat front group ACORN was found to have forged thousands of voter registrations in dozens of states; nearly half of all of its voter registrations were faked. In 2008 alone, ACORN was said to have registered as many as 600,000 fictional voters

So there's your starter kit, Glenn and company.

Get crackin'. Start reporting the truth.

Oh, wait: you're "liberals". You despise the truth. Sorry, my bad. Forgot I mentioned it.

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