Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Larwyn's Linx: Radical Judges on the Fourth Circuit Set the Stage for a New National Gun Ban

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Radical Judges on Fourth Circuit Set Stage for a National Gun Ban: Jonathan F. Keiler
The Combination of Hatred and Victimhood Is Killing the Democrats: EIB
Dear white male students: you are trash: Cube

What's Wrong With Slavery and Rape?: Bill Donohue, Catholic League
Texas Democrats Will have to Find a New Way to Fix Elections: Coalition
Irony: DNC Required Voter ID and Paper Ballots for Chair Vote.: Ace

Say, What’s The Real Goal Of Trump’s Immigration Orders?: RWN
How tough was early immigration to America?: Fox
House Intelligence Chair: No Evidence of Trump, Russian Ties: LI

George Bush Criticizes Trump: Ace
Self Deportation Beginning Ahead of Schedule: Brent Smith
House Republicans block Democrats' pursuit of Trump's tax returns: Fox


Trump Pushes For Massive Budget, Staff Cuts At EPA: Michael Bastasch
Report: Nearly half of college students think they will receive federal loan forgiveness: Fox
Wendy's reportedly to install self-order kiosks at 1,000 stores: NJ

Climate, Energy & Regulations

Bill Nye Loses The Plot: Willis Eschenbach
Trump Begins Plan To Do Away With Clean Water Or Something: RWN


Stein Rips Into CNN, NYT, 'Looking for a Scandal' From Trump 'Every Day': Kristine Marsh
Walls And Fences Are Bad... Except If You're A Hollywood Elitist Attending The Oscars: Steve Watson
Dear Chelsea Clinton: ‘Science’ Doesn’t Mean What You Think It Means: Chicks

It's Good to Be Bad: The Z Man
The Dangers of “De-Escalation”: Law Officer
"60 Minutes" attacks Remington, Remington hits back: David Hardy


We Apparently Paid A Really Big Ransom To Iran For Our Hostages: Elephant
The Scramble From Africa: Steve Sailer
Neocon or Isolationist? Who Cares! The Future Is All About Russia, Iran and China: Federico Pieraccini

Canada’s one of NATO’s biggest deadbeats, but with Trump, we won’t get away with it anymore: Lawrence Solomon
If You Love Jesus, Then Die Like Jesus!’: Raymond Ibrahim
Censorship concerns as European Parliament introduces 'kill switch' to cut racist speeches : Telegraph

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

This AI wearable knows how other people are feeling from the tone of their voice: Wired
Human Genome Project-Write is working to synthesise the building blocks of our DNA: Wired
5 Topics That Are "Forbidden" to Science: BigThink


Oh, noes! Russians Hack The Oscars: Cube
Walk It Off: Vocativ
Cop Who Tackled Heisman Front Runner Becomes Twitter Hero: LawOfficer

Updating the Bill of Rights: Steve Sailer
Russians Try to Hack the Oscars; Foiled By Hollywood Elites.: MOTUS
Fists flew when crazed libs attacked Trump supporters protesting Oscars: BPR

Image: SpaceX says it will fly 2 people to the moon next year
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QOTD: "...why are the Democrats in this position? Well, here’s my theory. I think it’s mostly due to Obama and the Clintons and the media. The success of the Clintons and the success of Obama and the media reporting on those two families with adulation and unopposed love has created an illusion among average, ordinary American leftists and Democrats that they were a growing and burgeoning majority and that everybody other than a select few really screwball right-wingers agreed with them.

They have been lied to by the media. They have been misrepresented by the media. The Clintons, it turns out that there wasn’t all this personal adulation for Bill Clinton and none for Hillary. It turns out that the adulation for Barack Obama had more to do with his race and the historical component of his election than it was to do with his policies, which were the transformation of America.

Look, the more Obama worked on and the closer Obama got to transforming this country away from its founding, the more strident the opposition became to Obama. But the media didn’t report that. The media reported the exact opposite. The media created illusions just like they did during this campaign. They created the illusion that Trump barely had 35% support, that Hillary was a landslide winner, that the country at large was laughing at Donald Trump." --Rush Limbaugh

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