Friday, May 08, 2009

It's easy to find hate speech on the web: visit the lefty blogs

A search for hate speech on the Internet finds the following liberal progressive Statist diatribes against Israel, the Jews and/or evil Zionists. This is a quick sampling, by no means exhaustive, of the last few days worth of hate-mongering drivel:

Israel's bad faith (Truthdig)
Ignore AIPAC at America's Peril (Antiwar)
Who's afraid of the big, bad Israel lobby? (HuffPo)

America's shame: Israel (OpEdNews)
Obama takes on the Israel Lobby (Antiwar)
American Street is upset about Israel (Mondoweiss)

The Smearjob On the Durban World Conference Against Racism (Creative-i)
How Israel avoids the obvious Palestinian solution (Antiwar)
Criminalizing Criticism of Israel (Progressive Mind)

So to think like a "progressive", you have to support every oppressed minority on the face of the Earth (except one), even illegal aliens who commit felonies against American citizens. For example, President Obama just eradicated $400 million in funding for a well-regarded program that compensates states and cities for jailing illegals who've commited multiple crimes.

But supporting a tiny Democratic country -- a diverse beacon of hope in a Middle East rife with tyrants and oppressive governments; a staunch ally of the U.S.; and a last refuge for a people victimized by genocidal regimes for two millenia -- is intolerable!

Trying to follow the logic of the "progressive" mind seems to me to be similar to untangling a dozen extension cords while eating super-cheesy thick-crust pizza. Come to think of it, that may have been what Michael Moore was doing last night.

Hint: Commenter Jack P. suggests expanding search criteria "to also include 'Catholic' and 'Pope' [and] the list of lefty blogs eschewing hatred will explode exponentially."

Update: CAMERA asks, "Has the Huffington Post Become a Magnet for Israel Haters?" It's a rhetorical question.


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