Sunday, May 24, 2009

Larwyn's Linx: Smaller Cars Lead to Smaller Families

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The Jihadi Virus in our Jails: Malkin
Letter from a Dodge dealer: AT
ACORN's gerrymandering: Blatt

Smaller cars will lead to smaller families: Pundette
Beating back Obamacare: Surber
Burning money: GWP

Statism the only thing being stimulated: Steyn
Distortion and Hypocrisy Galore: LegalIns
Southside tragedy: who's to blame?: BMW

What if W...?: Luskin
No class: Power Line
Terror informant shunned at local mosque: Daily News

Memorial Day Weekend: Dr. Sanity
'Outrageous' policies suddenly tolerable to propagandists: Rainmaker
Summer of '69 vs. Summer of '09: BillShrink


Why Socialism Fails--Every Time It's Tried: DrHurd
Oratory, Chilling and Projection: Anchoress
Joe Biden threaten's Lebanon's sovereignty: SoccerDad

All he is not saying...: Dr. Sanity
Less common sense than an amoeba: Watcher
Jerusalem and Paris: Bookworm


Hysteria: Protein
Times' Strom and her last ACORN article: Gaynor
MSM goes to bat for the liar: GWP

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