Thursday, May 14, 2009

Larwyn's 'Lines: The Meaning of Chrysler

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Obama cancels U.S. nuclear defense: IsrMat
Broke: Social Security's dirty secret: PJTV
Foreclosures hit another record high: Consumerist

TARP documents released!: Judicial Watch
Pelosi: pointing out my lies is a "distraction": Rhetoric
A complete 180 on detainee photos: JOM

The meaning of Chrysler: Power Line
A quintessential liberal fascist: AT (Shiver)
Shut up America: a warning on free speech: PJM (Toto)

What Pelosi Knew (Video): Ms. Underestimateda
How's Obama's foreclosure policy working out?: AT (Robison)
Dems cheered while blocking Social Security reform in 2006: now its near insolvency: GWP

Biden selection speaks volumes about Obama: Real World
Economy Continues to Depress Oil Deliveries: BMW
"If Obama were trying to wreck America as a superpower, what would he be doing differently?": Instapundit


Obama warns Israel not to attack Iran: GWP
What real torture looks like: Chosun
Genocidal hate on campus: GWP

Political correctness must die: Big Hollywood
Good news: China consumes more, U.S. less: Klinghoffer


AP blows the deficit reporting, Part I: NewsBusters
Arctic (non-)warming since 1958: Watts
New Bankrupt Times blames Bush and Israel for Everything: Fresno


Top 7 future KFC menu items: Comedy Feed (NSFW)
Fireman Fail: FAIL Blog
Barack Obama Celebrity Roast: IowaHawk (NSFW)

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