Thursday, May 21, 2009

Larwyn's 'Lines: Funds stop lending to unionized companies

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Ten for the road: who will lead the GOP to recovery?: Malek
Obama in Wonderland: Times (Timmerman)
Like Tony Soprano running Catholic Charities: Examiner

Obama: don't you dare do for yourself!: NSWG (Karki)
Sen. Robert C. Byrd will outlast Pelosi's speakership: Surber
Fund manager: no lending to unionized companies: Bloomberg

State of Indiana files objection in Chrysler: Volokh
Bachmann vs. Barney's Frank on ACORN (Video): wowOwow
Adios, New York: JWF

Chrysler Dealers: We Wuz Robbed: BMW
Say goodnight to the V-8, Gracie: First In


All the news that's fit to suppress: Malkin
Climate Depot banned in Louisiana!: Depot
Nailing the Times over the ACORN Rent-a-Mob: Fox

Obama Lied, Jobs Died: PJM (Blumer)
Letters to Maurice: MoneyRunner


Middle East Peace: End run around Obama: INN
Somali Justice: Islamist-style: BBC
Iran's missile test shows it has no desire to unclench its fist: Telegraph

Detailed analysis of Obama-Netanyahu meeting: Rubin


Bishop Finn: Obama Brought Fr Jenkins’ Appeals to ‘Dialogue’ to ‘a Screeching Halt’: Cardinal Newman
Nationalize Martin Luther King Jr. Day: LegalIns
Folding Electric Car: Vicious Babushka

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