Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Larwyn's 'Lines: "Book your flight today!"

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'An extraordinary abuse of government power': WklyStd
Why I am freaking out: Zero Hedge
Entitlements bleeding dry faster than ever: Times

The risk of debt: McArdle
Dems Lack Waterboarding Exit Strategy: LegalIns
Rich Contributor Turns on Obama: Plumline

Labor Targets Elderly War Hero: LegalIns
More evidence Pelosi lied comes to light: GWP
Book your flight today!: NRCC

Musings on McCain, Hayek, and Revel: GM's Place
The new bellwether for 2010: Greenroom
Letter of Amends from a Recovering Liberal in Berkeley: AT (Robin)

Shared sacrifice ends with the Feds: Instapundit
This is how it's done, Sykes: Protein Wisdom
Closing Gitmo: Gina Cobb


The pope and Islam: Times
'I have my very own Israel problem': Sheridan
How Ahmadinejad Made Me a Believer: PJM (Simon)

Climate & Energy

EPA memo says Greenhouse Effect not proven: Morrissey
OMB memo leaked: Serious Economic Harm likely from EPA CO2 Rules : EPW
Gore's Greed and Hypocrisy: Scripps

Obama's energy sources 'neither affordable nor available': Times
Senator Labels Agency Memo 'Smoking Gun': BMW


Chris Matthews can't handle the truth: Aces
Comforting myths about gun control: PJM (Cramer)
CNN: GOP Battle Between 'More Tolerant' Moderates & 'Staunch Conservatives': NewsBusters

Waiter! I’ll Have What Steve Hoffman Is Having...: Blumer
CBS Early Show's Infomercial for Nationalized Health Care: NewsBusters
Government Healthcare Takeover: State of Play: Patterico


12 things that do not make sense: New Scientist
China blocks U.S. from cyber warfare: Times
Parasitic flies turn fire ants into zombies: McClatchy

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