Sunday, May 17, 2009

Larwyn's 'Lines: Cheney 7, Leftists 0

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Joe Biden blurts out classified info: WklyStd
Irony so thick you can use it as pancake syrup: AT (Moran)
ACORN workers: we had voter registration quotas: Post-Gazette

Fun with Dick and Nancy: Steyn
Reclaim: RC
Foreclosure hit minorities most: TAB

Cheney 7, Leftists 0: PJM (Hawkins)
Teddy the K loses his brain: OregonGuy
Perpetual Campaign Stimulus Package: Marathon

Chris Dodd holds a press conference: Instapundit
It's Not Just Wealthy Conservatives Fleeing NY: JWF
Civilian Security Force: MoneyRunner

LeMay and the Tragedy of War: WSJ

Climate & Energy

The Catlin Ice Follies: AT (Lee)
Troy, MI builds a solar house: MoneyRunner
Pouring cold water on global warming: Belfast


Israel's Secret War With Iran: WSJ
Obama’s U.N. Mistake: NRO
A deadly clown: El Baradei, Iran's protector: Matzav

Iran-Syria alliance in harmony: Spyer
Kuwaiti Prof pontificates on a bioweapon attack against U.S.: Infidels


Liberal Taliban issues Fatwa against Miss California: Coulter
Stop an echo: Clue Batting Cage
Axelrod calls Prejean a Dog: AT (Joyce)

Jon Stewart shreds Nancy Pelosi: COWVA


China installs a secure operating system on all military PCs: H-Online
Secret EU Open Source Migration Study Leaked: Slashdot


Transcript of a speech in which Barack Obama is self-deprecating: Treacher
Quote o' the Week: Brutally Honest
Pelosi Haiku: Pelosiku: Treacher

Honda Insight: Biblically Terrible: Times UK
Experience the wonder of a solar-powered car: Knox News:

There are things I'm not wild about with the 2010 Prius redesign, though. I'm not sure I like the new center console, and the optional moon roof is ugly and the solar panel is a bit of a joke. (All it does is run a fan to reduce interior heat buildup when parked. They could have at least had an option to trickle charge the battery, even if its only a few symbolic milliamps.)

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