Friday, May 15, 2009

Larwyn's 'Lines: Fantasyland

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We Can't Afford a 'Public' Health Plan: Kudlow
Pelosi now says: CIA's lying, not me: GWP
Tincture of Lawlessness: Will

Accomplice to Torture: WSJ (Rove)
Attacking American Exceptionalism at ASU: EIB
Obama Admits Long-Term Debt "Unsustainable": Ace

Pelosi At War With The CIA... They Will Destroy Her: Hammer


The Ultimate Risk: Government and the Private Sector: Seeking Alpha
Unions vs. Taxpayers: WSJ (Malanga)
Worst Case Scenario: Seeking Alpha

Specter, card check and a final betrayal: Malkin
Autos: Buy American?: Fausta
More signs of inflation: JWF

A little bit of Chrysler: TigerHawk
Welcome to economic Bizarro-land: LegalIns

Energy & Climate

Dems cry foul over EPA ethanol proposal: Feedstuff
Quick, Pass Cap-and-Trade!: RE&C
Phoenix Firm Offers Nation ‘Clear Coal’ Solution: BMW

Smoking gun memo on CO2 myth: EIB
Nuclear summer: Blair


We Fooled You,We Intend to Destroy You. So Now What Will You Give Us?: Rubin
Obama warns Netanyahu not to 'surprise' him by striking Iran : Matzav
Obama Administration Hampers Israeli F-35 Purchase: Bulletin


Olbermann threw a temper tantrum? Say it ain't so!: Jawa Report
If NYT had covered the Revolutionary War: S, C & A
RNC to re-brand Dems as Democrat Socialist Party: D, B & R

Crime & Law

Liberal Fantasyland: AT (Hoven)
ACORN: The Stench From This Organization Is Overwhelming: Beck
Mentally ill idiots harass Rumsfeld and his wife: NeoX


The world's best illusion: the secret of the curve ball: AIP
Woman Discovers $271,366 Extra in Her Bank Account: WLTX
Vitamins can undercut benefits of exercise?: Instapundit

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