Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Larwyn's 'Lines: "ACORN will commit Census fraud"

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Cap-and-Trade Scam Debate Begins: GWP
Former organizer: ACORN will commit Census fraud: Examiner
Photos from Cali tax protest: Varones

Climate-bill foes likely to seize on CBO's scoring: Times
Audits are no laughing matter: WSJ (Reynolds)
Ex-employee: ACORN exploits African-American workers: Examiner

We're all rich now!: C & W
Reservoir Dogs: S, C & A
Official California Budget Initiatives Voting Guide: Greenroom

Obama flexes for the Unions: NOFP
Al Gore: Greedy Idiot: Exile
Candidate Obama vs. President Obama: Wolf


From Dowdifying To Cut & Pasting: PJM (Driscoll)
TPM bloggers mum on Dowd controversy: Bloggasm
WaPo: Racism, Sexism Behind Wanda Sykes' Critics: NewsBusters

Ayers is back and he's slamming the Times: Times
San Fran Nan's Twitter Account: Surber
The view from Instapundit's window: Instapundit


Obama-Netanyahu Meeting: Ominous: PJM (Hornik)
Wright, Ayers team up for Peace Hate Israel rally: Ace
Raw footage: Obama, Netanyahu news conference: C-SPAN (Video)

The Loony Conspiracy Theories of Seymour Hersh: GWP
Obama’s Jewish Problem: CFP
Iran divides Obama, Netanyahu: Timmerman


Worst Slide Story: Newday
Swine Flu Symptoms: Hatless

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