Monday, May 25, 2009

Larwyn's Linx: The useless, serial leaker -- Colin Powell

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Memorial Day Message 2009: USBA
On offense, Cheney scores points: Times
The useless, serial leaker Colin Powell: Greenroom

Father-son team raping New York taxpayers: AT (Lasky)
Obama gets schooled on terror: Goodwin
Americans want checks on Obama's Ambitions: HumEv

Who wrote Dreams and why it matters: AT (Cashill)
Bipartisan Team to Destroy Sanctity of Contracts: AT (Lifson)
CAFE sows seeds of U.S. auto industry's destruction: HC

UC Irvine Endorses a New Holocaust: Vicious
Tax the Rich: Charlie Foxtrot
Detroit official's creative method to evade taxes: BlogProf


Obama gives Iran time it needs to build nukes: Telegraph
Muslim migrants riot in Athens: Age
Norway's Hydrogen Highway: World

The truth about the Atomic Bomb: Eject Eject Eject
Hitler's European Holocaust Helpers: Spiegel
Planet Obama: Where Hitler spoke Austrian and Churchill didn't torture: AT (Lifson)

Long fight ahead in Swat Valley: National (UAE)
Obama seeks to divide Jerusalem: IsrMat
Now I'm worried about nukes: Surber


Moonbats sign petition to ban H2O: Moonbattery


Violating "internal controls" at the New York Times: Tiger
Double-speak and the Economy: AT (Anderson)
Is it okay for liberals...: BMW

What the LA Times talks about... and doesn't talk about: Patterico
Newsweek Boob: Iran's Not a Dictatorship, Doesn't Want Nukes: JWF
Gingrich crushes Little Dick Durbin on Meet the Press: MTP (Transcript)


25 Sites to Download Royalty-Free Stock Photos and Textures: BlueBlots
Flexibility: Ross Sisters Performance from 1944: IZI

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